Smooth Stones from Ancient Brooks

smooth stones From Ancient Brooks [ ] ‘Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises’, 2 Peter 1:4. The promises are a precious book; every leaf drops myrrh and mercy. They are golden ves- sels, laden with the choicest jewels that heaven can afford, or the soul desire. There is nothing you can truly call a mercy, but you will find it in the promises. Souls that know by experience what the bosom of Christ is what spiritual communion is, and what the glory of heaven is, will not be put off by God or man with things that are mixed, mutable, and momentary. So Luther, a man strong in grace, when he had a gown and money given him by the elector, turned himself about, and said, ‘I protest, God shall not put me off with these poor low things.’ Plutarch reports, that it was wont to be the way of the Molossians, when they would seek the favour of their prince, that they took up the king’s son in their arms, and so went and kneeled before the king, and by this means overcame him. So do humble souls make a conquest upon God with Christ in their arms: the Father will not repulse the soul that brings Christ with him. Katherine Bretterge once after a great conflict with Satan, said, ‘Reason not with me, I am but a weak woman; if thou hast any thing to say, say it to my Christ, he is my advocate, my strength, and my Redeemer; and he shall plead for me.’