The Atonement

THE BAnnER OF TRuTH TRuST 3 Murrayfield Road, Edinburgh EH12 6EL u.K. PO Box 621, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17013 u.S.A. www. b a n n e r o f t r u t h . c o . u k ISBN 978-1-84871-291-1 Hugh Martin did not belong to the type of theologian who simply pours new wine into old wine bottles, or vice versa. He thought through the truth from first principles, always sensitive to the text of Scripture. Thus the reader is never left simply ticking off boxes, ‘heard that’, ‘know this’. … In addition, it should be said that The Atonement is not Martin’s easiest book. But precisely for that reason it is wonderful medicine for the Christian mind and will open up new veins of evangelical truth for preachers to mine. Perhaps for some it will provide even entirely new land on which to graze. In today’s context it is scarcely possible to over-estimate how valuable his work is. Professor John Murray was surely right to say that, ‘At no time in the history of Scotland was the church of Christ adorned with a brighter galaxy of gifted and devoted ministers of the gospel than in the middle half of the nineteenth century. … Among these names none deserved more honour than that of Hugh Martin.’ F rom the F oreword by J ohn C. A. F erguson And s inClAir b. F erguson