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168 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-752-7 List £5.75 (for just £4.60) John Hurrion expounds the doctrine of redemption, focusing attention especially on the end and design, extent and importance of the death of Christ. PARTICULAR REDEMPTION john hurrion 192 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-721-3 List £6.00 (for just £4.80) What does a gospel-shaped life look like? And what impact will such a life have on others? These are some of the questions raised and answered by Ian Hamilton in this book. THE GOSPEL-SHAPED LIFE ian hamilton 320 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-733-6 List £6.25 (for just £4.00) Stories are told from Flavel’s life of how people ‘happened to meet him’ and came away thankful to God, resolved to walk with Christ. The same is true of his writings. ALL THINGS MADE NEW john flavel John Flavel for the Christian Life 80 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-782-4 List £5.00 (for just £4.00) Ryle was convinced that the very words of the Bible were from God. Here he eloquently defends this position, answers objections, and applies this understanding of inspiration to the life of the reader. IS ALL SCRIPTURE INSPIRED? j . c . ryle Sets out in very concise terms the responsibilities all Christians have, first, to their pastors, and then second, to one another within the fellowship of the local church. 96 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-772-5 List £5.00 (for just £4.00) DUTIES OF CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP john owen New releases – in time for Christmas – 20% OFF 160 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-696-4 List £5.50 (for just £4.40) Ryle said ‘To understand our position in the sight of God is one step towards heaven.’ This book is designed to help the reader take that step. STEPS TOWARDS HEAVEN j . c . ryle ◊ +44 (0) 131 337 7310 ◊ This re-typeset edition is based on the edition published by John C. Nimmo in 1895. It includes marginal notes and Scripture references, together with the fine etchings by William Strang. 408 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-746-6 List £13.50 (for just £10.80) PILGRIM’S PROGRESS john bunyan Spiritual leaders lead people to heaven. Here are accounts of seven such men, together with the distinctive features of their lives. Records of faithful servants of Christ still speak and can bring new life today. 296 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-739-8 List £15.00 (for just £12.00) SEVEN LEADERS iain h . murray Preachers and Pastors Sermons on Isaiah 38, which record the illness that afflicted King Hezekiah of Judah and his reaction. In reading the book one may learn from the King’s behaviour and come to obtain the same comfort he experienced. 222 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-749-7 List £5.75 (for just £4.60) THE WAY TO TRUE PEACE AND REST robert bruce Brings to life Tyndale the man, his writings and legacy, for twenty-first-century Christians, and encourages the further exploration of Tyndale’s works. 110 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-755-8 List £5.50 (for just £4.40) INTRODUCING TYNDALE william tyndale , john piper , To Thomas Manton’s thoughts, Spurgeon added his own; the result being, as Spurgeon put it, that he cleared Manton’s house of all his pictures, and then hung them up in frames of his own. 328 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-776-3 List £6.25 (for just £5.00) FLOWERS FROM A PURITAN’S GARDEN c . h . spurgeon Pastoral medicine prepared in the laboratory of Boston’s own personal and ministerial sufferings. It is little wonder that Jonathan Edwards considered Boston ‘a truly great divine’. 168 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-758-9 List £5.00 (for just £4.00) THE CROOK IN THE LOT thomas boston What to BelieveWhen Our Lot in Life is Not Health, Wealth, &Happiness robert j . sheehan UP TO 50%OFF!