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209 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-965-1 Retail £13.00 (for just £10.40) In this memorable set of sermons which date from 1557 to 1558, Calvin, chief pastor of the Genevan church, offers a sensitive reading of Matthew’s account of Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection. CRUCIFIED AND RISEN john calvin 440 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-952-1 Retail £12.50 (for just £10.00) Though he was the most influental American theologian of the 19th century, Hodge here brings an understanding down to the capacity of every reader. THE WAY OF LIFE charles hodge 160 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-881-4 Retail £5.00 (for just £4.00) These short chapters contain a number of Owen’s talks and sermons on a wide range of subjects which are as relevant to Christians today as they were to believers some three and a half centuries ago. SEARCHING OUR HEARTS IN DIFFICULT TIMES john owen This selection of Traill’s practical writings is an excellent introduction to the two-volume edition of his Works . 297 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-849-4 Retail £6.25 (for just £5.00) SELECT PRACTICAL WRITINGS OF ROBERT TRAILL robert traill This compact biography sheds light on the life and ministry of a man who had experienced for himself the transforming power of the gospel, and who was used by God to bring many others to know that same power. 328 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-946-0 Retail £13.00 (for just £10.40) BROWNLOW NORTH k . moody stuart This book will serve to help new Christians understand what it is to be part of a church, and will also be a refreshing reminder to every Christian of what it should look like to belong to the family of God. 200 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-976-7 Retail £6.50 (for just £5.40) DEVOTED TO GOD’S CHURCH sinclair b . ferguson Friend‌ of‌ William‌ Guthrie‌ of‌ ‌Fenwick,‌ Scot ‌ ordained‌in‌England,‌exile‌in‌Holland,‌prisoner ‌ on‌the‌Bass‌Rock,‌scholar,‌preacher,‌and saint — Robert Traill lived to span‌the‌ripest‌period ‌ of‌the‌Puritan‌age.‌ 1168 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-985-9 Retail £38.00 (for just £30.40) THE WORKS OF ROBERT TRAILL Sermons on the Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Christ Christian Belief and Experience His Life andWork Core Values for Christian Fellowship Sermons Preached at Princeton Seminary new edition T he entire twenty-two volumes are composed of sermons— the legacy of a lifetime devoted to the patient and systematic teaching and application of God’s word. Like his younger con- temporary, John Flavel, Manton’s Works are characterised by great pastoral concern and a balanced wisdom. • 22 Volumes • 978-1-84871-913-2 • Retail £330.00, for just £264 New releases – in time for Christmas – 20% OFF ◊ (+44) 131 337 7310 ◊ *Free postage within mainland UK on orders of £40 or more, after discount, until 31 December, 2020 From his observations, and history drawn from Christian biography, Alexander follows his subject with the hand of a master. He was, in Dr. Theodore Woolsey’s words, ‘The Shakespeare of the Christian heart.’ 367 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-955-2 Retail £16.00 (for just £12.80) THOUGHTS ON RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE archibald alexander FREE POSTAGE * Shop online at ‘To a world which is obsessed with “sound-bites” and in a church which has become unused to concentrated thought, their content and style may seem almost overwhelming.’ — SINCLAIR B. FERGUSON 304 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-918-7 Retail £12.50 (for just £10.00) GRACE AND GLORY geerhardus vos UP TO 50%OFF! + 2 Volume Set More than 100 eBooks available at The amazing stories of a dozen people who gave their lives to take the gospel to those who had not heard it. Some of these faithful missionaries are well-known, others almost forgotten, but all are ‘great in the life of God.’ 240 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-938-5 Retail £6.25 (for just £5.00) SWIFT & BEAUTIFUL david b . calhoun The Amazing Stories of Faithful Missionaries THE WORKS OF THOMAS MANTON 22 Volume Set offers available until 31 december , 2020