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332 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-795-4 List $28.00 (for just $22.40) Full of biblical exposition, these sermons also sparkle with a delightful wit. Here is Spurgeon at his finest — a man with a pastoral heart par excellence. AN ALL-ROUND MINISTRY charles h . spurgeon 240 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-837-1 List $12.00 (for just $9.60) A collection of testimonial statements drawn from the writings of Luther, Calvin, Knox, and Bunyan. Listen to these men tell their stories in their own words! IN THEIR OWN WORDS david calhoun 160 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-846-3 List $14.00 (for just $11.20) Takes us step by step through the Letter of James, and like other volumes in the series, seeks to combine explanation and application. LET’S STUDY JAMES sinclair ferguson 112 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-819-7 List $10.00 (for just $8.00) Shows us that, through a right knowledge of ourselves and of God, with faith in God’s character and presence, suffering need not be a dark experience. A BOOK OF COMFORT FOR THOSE IN SICKNESS p . b . power ‘This is one of my favourite books. My copy is highlighted, underlined, and falling apart from constant use. Students of Calvin, as well as pastors and serious Christians, will enjoy these letters.’ —KEVIN DEYOUNG 320 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-843-2 List $22.00 (for just $17.60) LETTERS OF JOHN CALVIN john calvin Introduces the reader to people who had a deep love of Jesus Christ and a great vision for the Christian life. Each chapter contains an introduction, carefully selected excerpts from key works, and suggestions for further reading. 184 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-834-0 List $14.00 (for just $11.20) THE GLORY OF GRACE lewis allen & tim chester Written to help new followers of Jesus lay solid foundations for a healthy and rich Christian life. Also provides a refresher course in what it means to be a disciple for those who have been following Jesus for many years. 248 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-824-1 List $16.00 (for just $12.80) FOLLOWING JESUS andrew m . randall Preached in Westminster Chapel in 1956, these sermons are a fine example of preaching evangelistically from a consecutive passage of the Old Testament. 248 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-828-9 List $17.00 (for just $13.60) SAVED BY GRACE ALONE d . martyn lloyd - jones available early december Full and Free in Christ God’s Inerrant Word Direction, Wisdom, &Encouragement for Preachers &Pastors The Testimonies of Luther, Calvin, Knox, and Bunyan An Introduction to the Puritans in Their OwnWords available early december available early december BANNER MINI-GUIDES SERIES BANNER MINI-GUIDES SERIES BANNER MINI-GUIDES SERIES BANNER TRUTH o f New releases – in time for Christmas – 20% OFF 136 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-812-8 List $8.00 (for just $6.40) Provides an entry point for those who know little about the ‘Book of books’; but it does so in such a way as to encourage those who know it better to explore it more fully. THE BIBLE derek w . h . thomas ◊ 717-249-5747 ◊ *Free shipping within Continental USA on orders of $50 or more, after discount, through December 31, 2018 In this story of his life, we are given a glimpse into Bunyan’s own spiritual experience and how much it impacted his writings. 184 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-787-9 List $18.00 (for just $14.40) GRACE ABOUNDING john bunyan This fresh new edition includes the Confession of Faith , Larger and Shorter Catechisms , The Sum of Saving Knowledge , The Directory for Public Worship , and other associated documents. 688 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-768-8 List $35.00 (for just $28.00) THE WESTMINSTER CONFESSION westminster divines FREE SHIPPING * Shop online at The Bible helps us to understand our minds more fully, and shows us that when people become Christians, their minds are made new. This mini-guide explores the implications of having a renewed mind. 136 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-815-9 List $8.00 (for just $6.40) THE CHRISTIAN MIND william edgar Explores the Bible’s teaching on this great theme in a way that takes us to the heart of human need and the greatness of God’s deliverance. 112 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-806-7 List $8.00 (for just $6.40) SALVATION ian hamilton Contains six studies on John chapter 11— one of the most remarkable chapters in all the New Testament. Taken from Ryle’s Expository Thoughts on the Gospels . 160 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-850-0 List $10.00 (for just $8.00) THE POWER AND SYMPATHY OF CHRIST j . c . ryle What is the church, and why is it important to understand its purpose in the world? This mini- guide answers those questions and shows why the church matters much more than we might at first think. 112 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-809-8 List $8.00 (for just $6.40) THE CHURCH mark g . johnston available early december Glorious Body, Radiant Bride The Essentials of Christian Discipleship UP TO 50%OFF! + Escaping Futility Sermons on Ezekiel 36:16-36 BANNER MINI-GUIDES SERIES