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312 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-871-5 List $20.00 (for just $16.00) The life of an ‘ordinary’ faithful pastor. He held no prestigious pulpit, no important professorship, he founded no institution. He simply laboured in relative obscurity, but did so faithfully and with perseverance. THE PASTOR OF KILSYTH islay burns 440 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-252-2 List $30.00 (for just $24.00) ‘A treasure-trove that, once discovered, will bring lasting enrichment.’ — SINCLAIR B. FERGUSON CHRIST VICTORIOUS hugh martin 424 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-854-8 List $29.00 (for just $23.20) ‘Anyone wanting to dive into the doctrine of God to see how classical theism connects to everyday Christian life – and what is therefore practically at stake when such theology is abandoned – should read this book.’ — CARL TRUEMAN THE IDENTITY AND ATTRIBUTES OF GOD terry l . johnson ‘One always turns to Hodge’s commentaries with great confidence, for in him there is that perfect blending of theology, scholarship and a devotional spirit which are the prime requisites of a commentary.’ —D. M. LLOYD-JONES 264 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-884-5 List $22.00 (for just $17.60) EXEGETICAL LECTURES AND SERMONS ON HEBREWS charles hodge Robert Bruce’s commanding preaching, his iron resolution and, above all, his daily fellowship with God, provided an example which his contemporaries and successors could never forget. 296 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-878-4 List $18.00 (for just $14.40) MASTER ROBERT BRUCE d . c . macnicol Detailing the history of the remarkable events of the Scottish Coenanting period. ‘The value of this book lies in the fact that it shows the men of the Covenants and their deeds in such a way that the student of history may calmly judge them.’ — JOHN HERKLESS 1136 pp • Clothbound • List $65.00 (for just $52.00) THE COVENANTERS j . k . hewison Looks at seven sayings of Jesus recorded in the Gospel of John which reveal his true identity and teach us the truth about him. By considering these ‘I am’ sayings we meet Jesus and learn just how relevant he truly is. 88 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-928-6 List $9.00 (for just $7.20) MEETING JESUS r . c . sproul The Life and Times of W. H. Burns SelectedWritings of HughMartin Minister in the Kirk of Edinburgh Life in a FallenWorld AHistory of the Revival of Religion in the Time of Whitefield and Edwards 2 Volume Set BANNER TRUTH o f New releases – in time for Christmas – 20% OFF 488 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-840-1 List $32.00 (for just $25.60) Of the 101 sermons which the Reformer preached in 1554–55 on the Pastoral Letters, thirty, on Paul’s second letter to Timothy, are presented here in a new, fresh translation. SERMONS ON 2 TIMOTHY john calvin ◊ 717-249-5747 ◊ *Free shipping within Continental USA on orders of $50 or more, after discount, through December 31, 2019 Drawing on his expertise as a Hebrew scholar, Dr Shaw opens up the text in a fresh way, shedding light on what, for many Christians, may have long been a mysterious and enigmatic portion of Scripture. 168 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-868-5 List $14.00 (for just $11.20) ECCLESIASTES benjamin shaw ‘I cannot imagine a better way of spending a summer holiday. What Tracy gives us is an account of true revival.’ —D. M. LLOYD-JONES 472 pp • Clothbound • 978-1-84871-857-9 List $32.00 (for just $25.60) THE GREAT AWAKENING joseph tracy FREE SHIPPING * Shop online at ‘Profound in its strategic grasp, yet easily read and digested, this is a rare book that every believer - whether new to the faith or a seasoned saint - should live with and live out.’ — STEVE LAWSON 248 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-865-4 List $17.00 (for just $13.60) MATURITY sinclair b . ferguson Intended to help us come to Scripture with the mindset that, no matter how much we have learned, God is always immeasurably greater than our imagination has allowed. 256 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-934-7 List $12.00 (for just $9.60) GOD IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN WE CAN IMAGINE iain wright available late november UP TO 50%OFF! + Growing Up and Going On in the Christian Life The ‘I Am’ Sayings of Christ These eight chapters bring before the reader the sanctification and glorification of the believer in Jesus. Maurice Roberts explains, illustrates and applies these doctrines with fresh insights into the daily experiences and struggles of the Christian. 160 pp • Paperback • 978-1-84871-914-9 List $10.00 (for just $8.00) THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION maurice roberts More than 80 eBooks available at Gift cards available at