King’s Castles

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Spiritual Growth

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Mar 1, 2000

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Lily felt that she must get up to the top of the soaring tower to see the person who looked down at her from such a terrible height. She walked quickly to the open doorway at the bottom of the grey stone tower of the castle keep. As she came to the door, she hears a little voice inside her head that chirped, ‘Don’t climb the stairs. Don’t climb up to the castle keep.’
‘It looks all right,’ she told herself. But she was only two steps inside the doorway when the little door closed behind her with a determined thump. And when she felt along the edge of the smooth wood, there was no handle…

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1. The Castle Keep 1
 2. The Castle Knight 35
3. The Castle Kite 57
 4. The Castle King 83



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