The Holy Spirit

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Dec 1, 1998

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Owen on the Holy Spirit, as this work has been known to generations of Christians, was written by the greatest theologian of the Puritan era. It is, without question, one of the truly great Christian books.

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Publisher’s Preface v
1 The Work of the Holy Spirit 1
2 The Spirit of God 6
3 How the Holy Spirit Comes to Us and Does His Work 11
4 The Special Preparatory Works of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament 14
5 The Work of the Holy Spirit in the New Creation 19
6 The Holy Spirit and the Human Nature of Christ 22
7 The Work of the Holy Spirit on the Mystical Body of Christ, His Church 35
8 The Holy Spirit’s Work of Regeneration 43
9 How the Holy Spirit Prepares a Soul for His Work of Regeneration 52
10 How the Mind is Corrupted and Depraved by Sin 56
11 Natural and Spiritual Death Compared 67
12 Regeneration Itself 76
13 The Work of Conversion 94
14 The Nature of Sanctification and Gospel Holiness 99
15 Sanctification a Lifelong Work 105
16 Believers Only are Sanctified 114
17 The Work of Sanctification Itself 121
18 The Work of the Spirit in Purging Believers from Sin 126
19 The Work of the Spirit in Renewing the Spiritual Life of Believers 136
20 The Activities and Duties of Holiness 155
21 Dealing with Sin 163
22 The Necessity of Holiness 179
23 Election a Motive to Holiness 188
24 Commanded to be Holy 195
25 Holiness and the Work of Christ 200
26 Holiness in an Unholy World 204


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