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sermons on Job by Calvin
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NEW RELEASE Book Description The name of John Calvin (1509-64) is justly renowned in a number of contexts. The Reformation’s greatest systematic theologian, he was also a Christian strategist and transformer of society, as his enormous correspondence and his influence in Geneva bear witness. A prolific scholar, well-versed in the Latin of the academics, he […]


The Three Marys

Learning from the lives of Mary Magdalene, Mary of Bethany, and Mary the mother of Jesus

by A. Moody Stuart

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NEW REPRINT Book Description Mary, the mother of Jesus; Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus; and Mary Magdalene all feature prominently in the gospel narrative. But what can Christians learn from the faith displayed by these women? In these moving and engaging chapters, Alexander Moody Stuart draws out their characters and helps readers learn […]

image of the book Amos by Allan Harman


The Shepherd Prophet

by Allan M. Harman

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Book description Coming from a remote area of Judah, and from a farming background, Amos was called to a prophetic ministry to the nation of Israel. His prophetic message was a blend of mercy and judgment, as he challenged an erring nation to seek the Lord. In addition to strong condemnation of errant Israel, Amos […]

image of the 'The Bible' mini-guide

The Bible

God's Inerrant Word

by Derek Thomas

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Book Description This mini-guide to the bible provides an entry point for those who know little about the ‘Book of books’; but it does so in a way that encourages those who know it better to explore it more fully. Banner Mini Guides Banner Mini Guides introduce the the reader to some of the major […]

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a critical and expository commentary with doctrinal and practical remarks

by W. S. Plumer

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In Psalms, Plumer gives both exposition and doctrinal and practical remarks and presents in readable form a great wealth of material. Clothbound. 1216 pp.

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Many parents and teachers, and some schools, want to start with the Bible when educating their children. Based on the stories from A Bible Alphabet, the pages of this Busy Book provide opportunity for children who are beginning to express themselves in writing to develop the skill of sentence making, while their thoughts are firmly […]


Bible Names

presenting gospel truths to little children using bible names and their meanings

by Alison Brown

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Book Description One of the first words a child learns to recognise, and then to write, is his own name. He identifies not simply with its shape and sound, but often with its origin, especially if he shares it with someone he loves and respects. Bible names were often derivatives of Greek or Hebrew words […]


Sermons on Job

Facsimile of the 1574 Edition

by John Calvin

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These 159 sermons preached in 1554-5 abound in faithful and lively exposition and remain a fine example of evangelical preaching. A facsimile of Arthur Golding’s translation first published in 1574.

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Book Description En este último volumen de Cristianismo auténtico, el Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones muestra la pertinencia para los lectores modernos de los acontecimientos documentados en Hechos 8:1-35. Aquí vemos como la persecución que surgió tras el martirio de Esteban condujo a una prodigiosa propagación del evangelio por Samaria y, a través de la conversión del […]



His Arms Were Made Strong

by David Searle

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Direct, refreshing and helpful lessons from the life of Joseph, spiritually beneficial to both young and old. 280pp.

Sermons on Genesis

Sermons on Genesis

Chapters 1 - 11

by John Calvin

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Modern translations by Dr Rob Roy McGregor of sermons preached by Calvin in 1559-1560. Suitable for Christians at all levels of spiritual development. 888 & 920pp.




by Roy Davey Jenkins

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Book Description Cuando a mediados de los años cincuenta del siglo XX el gran predicador y maestro galés, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, incició su épica serie sobre la Epístola a los Romanos, pocos podían imaginar que catorce años más tarde aún seguiría con su exposición y que, finalmente, se jubilaría antes de acabarla. y es que, por […]

Showing 1–12 of 67 results