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Amazing Grace



My heart is drawn out in thankfulness
        to thee,
for thy amazing grace and condescension
    to me
  in influences and assistances of thy Spirit,
  for special help in prayer,
  for the sweetness of Christian service,
  for the thoughts of arriving in heaven,
  for always sending me needful supplies,
  for raising me to new life when I am
    like one dead.
I want not the favour of man to lean upon
  for thy favour is infinitely better.
Thou art eternal wisdom in dispensations
  towards me;
  and it matters not when, nor where, nor how
    I serve thee,
  nor what trials I am exercised with,
  if I might but be prepared for thy work and will.
No poor creature stands in need of divine grace
  more than I do,
And yet none abuses it more than I have done,
  and still do.
How heartless and dull I am!
Humble me in the dust for not loving thee more.
Every time I exercise any grace renewedly
  I am renewedly indebted to thee,
  the God of all grace, for special assistance.
I cannot boast when I think how dependent
  I am upon thee for the being and every act
    of grace;
I never do anything else but depart from thee,
  and if ever I get to heaven it will be because
    thou willest it, and for no reason beside.
I love, as a feeble, afflicted, despised creature,
  to cast myself on thy infinite grace and goodness,
  hoping for no happiness but from thee;
Give me special grace to fit me for special services,
  and keep me calm and resigned at all times,
  humble, solemn, mortified,
  and conformed to thy will.

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