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Teach me to pray.
        I confess that in religious exercises
  the language of my lips and the feelings
    of my heart have not always agreed,
  that I have frequently taken carelessly upon
    my tongue a name never pronounced above
      without reverence and humility,
  that I have often desired things which would
    have injured me,
  that I have depreciated some of my chief mercies,
  that I have erred both on the side of my hopes
    and also of my fears,
  that I am unfit to choose for myself,
    for it is not in me to direct my steps.
Let thy Spirit help my infirmities,
  for I know not what to pray for as I ought.
Let him produce in me wise desires by which
    I may ask right things,
  then I shall know thou hearest me.
May I never be importunate for temporal blessings,
  but always refer them to thy fatherly goodness,
  for thou knowest what I need before I ask;
May I never think I prosper unless my soul prospers,
  or that I am rich unless rich toward thee,
  or that I am wise unless wise unto salvation.
May I seek first thy kingdom and its righteousness.
May I value things in relation to eternity.
May my spiritual welfare be my chief solicitude.
May I be poor, afflicted, despised and have
    thy blessing,
  rather than be successful in enterprise,
  or have more than my heart can wish,
  or be admired by my fellow-men,
    if thereby these things make me forget thee.
May I regard the world as dreams, lies, vanities,
    vexation of spirit,
  and desire to depart from it.
And may I seek my happiness in thy favour,
    image, presence, service.

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