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Help me never to expect any happiness
      from the world, but only in thee.
Let me not think that I shall be more happy
    by living to myself,
  for I can only be happy if employed for thee,
  and if I desire to live in this world
  only to do and suffer what thou dost allot me.
Teach me
  that if I do not live a life that satisfies thee,
    I shall not live a life that will satisfy myself.
Help me to desire the spirit and temper of angels
  who willingly come down to this lower world
    to perform thy will,
  though their desires are heavenly,
  and not set in the least upon earthy things;
    then I shall be of that temper I ought to have.
Help me not to think of living to thee
    in my own strength,
  but always to look to and rely on thee
    for assistance.
Teach me that there is no greater truth than this,
  that I can do nothing of myself.
Lord, this is the life that no unconverted man
    can live,
  yet it is an end that every godly soul
    presses after;
Let it be then my concern to devote myself
    and all to thee.
Make me more fruitful and more spiritual,
  for barrenness is my daily affliction and load.
How precious is time, and how painful to see it fly
  with little done to good purpose!
I need thy help:
O may my soul sensibly depend upon thee
    for all sanctification,
  and every accomplishment of thy purposes
    for me, for the world,
    and for thy kingdom.

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