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Seventh Day Evening: Future Blessing



There is no blessing we implore
      but thou art able to give,
  hast promised to give,
  hast given already to countless multitudes,
    all unworthy and guilty like ourselves;
Make us willing to receive the supply
  of our need from thy bounty.
To this end convince us of sin,
  soften our hard hearts,
    to bewail our folly, ingratitude, pride,
      unbelief, rebellion, corruption.
Through the law may we die to the law,
  then look with wonder, submission, delight,
    to the provision thou hast made
    for the glory of thy Name
      in the salvation of sinners.
Give us a hope that makes us not ashamed,
  a love that excites to holy obedience,
  a joy in thee that is our strength,
  a faith in thy Son who loved us and died for us.
May we persevere in duty
    when not fully conscious of thee,
  wait upon thee and keep thy way,
  be humble and earnest suppliants at thy feet,
  live continually as on the brink of eternity.
Let us be at thy disposal for the duties
    and events of life,
  submit our preferences to thy wisdom and will,
  resign our enjoyments if thou shouldest require it
    as our absolute Proprietor and best Friend.
In our unworthiness and provocations
  make us grateful for the means of grace
    and the ordinances of religion
  and teach us to profit by them
    more than we have done.
Help us to be in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day,
  to enter upon the sabbath mindful of its
    solemnities, duties, privileges,
  setting all things worldly aside
    while we worship thee.
May we know the blessedness of men
    whose strength is in thee,
  and in whose hearts are the highways
    to heaven.

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