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Seventh Day Morning: God’s Good Pleasure



Thy will is supreme in heaven and earth,
      and all beings are creatures of thy power.
Thou art the Father of our spirits;
  thy inspiration gives us understanding,
  thy providence governs our lives.
But, O God, we are sinners in thy sight;
  thou hast judged us so,
    and if we deny it we make thee a liar.
Yet in Christ thou art reconciled to thy
    rebellious subjects;
  give us the ear of faith to hear him,
    the eye of faith to see him,
    the hand of faith to receive him,
    the appetite of faith to feed upon him;
  that we might find in him light,
    riches, honour, eternal life.
Thou art the inviting One,
    may we hearken to thee;
  the Almighty Instructor,
    teach us to live to thee;
  the Light-Dweller,
    inaccessible to man and angels,
    hiding thyself behind the elements of creation,
      but known to us in Jesus,
Possess our minds with the grandeur
    of thy perfections.
Thy love to us in Jesus is firm and changeless,
  nothing can separate us from it,
  and in the enjoyment of it nothing
    can make us miserable.
Preserve us from hypocrisy and formality
    in religion;
Enable us to remember what thou art
    and what we are,
  to recall thy holiness and our unworthiness;
Help us to approach thee clothed with humility,
  for vanity, forwardness, insensibility,
    disorderly affection, backwardness to duty,
    proneness to evil are in our hearts.
Let us never forget thy patience, wisdom,
    power, faithfulness, care,
  and never cease to respond
    to thy invitations.

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