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Great was thy goodness
      in undertaking my redemption,
      in consenting to be made sin for me,
      in conquering all my foes;
Great was thy strength
  in enduring the extremities of divine wrath,
  in taking away the load of my iniquities;
Great was thy love
  in manifesting thyself alive,
  in showing thy sacred wounds,
    that every fear might vanish,
    and every doubt be removed;
Great was thy mercy
  in ascending to heaven
  in being crowned and enthroned
    there to intercede for me,
    there to succour me in temptation,
    there to open the eternal book,
    there to receive me finally to thyself;
Great was thy wisdom
  in devising this means of salvation;
Bathe my soul in rich consolations
  of thy resurrection life;
Great was thy grace
  in commanding me to come hand in hand
    with thee to the Father,
    to be knit to him eternally,
    to discover in him my rest,
    to find in him my peace,
    to behold his glory,
    to honour him who is alone worthy;
  in giving me the Spirit as teacher, guide,
  that I may live repenting of sin,
  conquer Satan,
  find victory in life.
When thou art absent all sorrows are here,
When thou art present all blessings are mine.

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