2014 Australian Conference

Banner of Truth Australian Conference 2014

For Ministers & Wives & Christian Workers

Mark your calendars for the 4th to 7th of March, 2014. The conference will be hosted at the Collaroy Centre, Homestead Avenue, Collaroy, Sydney.

Coming soon.
Please contact info@banneroftruth.co.uk for general enquiries and details on registration.
    • Murray Capill: Pointed Preaching: the shape and scope of pertinent application. Principal of Reformed Theological College, Geelong. Author of Preaching with Spiritual Vigour (Christian Focus), and Living Application (P&R).
    • Simon Manchester: Godliness, in Form or Power?; and Steadiness for the Long Term. Rector at St Thomas, North Sydney.
    • Iain H. Murray: Faith not Sight (Isaiah 49); and Why be Excited about the Puritans? At first Banner of Truth Conference in Sydney 1979, served Hurtsville Presbyterian Church 1981-84 and has prized Australian citizenship ever since.
    • Joel Radford: Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome. Pastor of Drummoyne Baptist Church, Sydney.
    • Stephen Turner: India Today. Pastor at Shore Baptist Church, Auckland.
    • Noel Weeks: The Book of Judges for Today. Honorary associate in Ancient History at Sydney and Macquarie Universities. Author of Gateway to the Old Testament, Sufficiency of Scripture, etc.