The Pilgrim’s Progress

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Encouragement, Spiritual Growth





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Jan 1, 1977



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Whole Bible


‘It is a masterpiece of piety and genius; and will, we doubt not, be of standing use to the people of God be so long as the sun and moon endure.’ — A.M. TOPLADY

‘Read anything of his, and you will see that it is almost like reading the Bible itself. He had read it till his whole being was saturated with Scripture; and, though his writings are charmingly full of poetry, yet he cannot give us his Pilgrim’s Progress – without continually making us feel and say, ‘Why, this man is a living Bible!”‘ — C.H. SPURGEON

Book Description

Many editions of Pilgrim’s Progress were considered before the publishers decided to re-issue the now rare edition put out by John C. Nimmo in 1895. This edition comes as near as possible to the ideal, containing both Parts 1 and 2, along with the marginal notes and Scripture references, together with fine etchings by William Strang. It is not a luxury to possess a de luxe edition of a work which, though we may not, like Spurgeon, read it a hundred times, ought to be the companion of a lifetime.

His deluxe edition of Bunyan’s great work comes as near as possible to the ‘ideal’- with the original marginal notes and references from Scripture, both parts of the Progress, and a series of magnificent and evocative etchings by William Strang.

Although John Bunyan’s Pilgrim emerged in Puritan dress from the Town Prison on Bedford Bridge in 1676, he has remained to this day, in more than 120 languages, an influence which is almost as wide as Christianity itself. Many explanations are offered for the book’s enduring appeal – the masterly allegory which can charm both child and adult; the great humanness of the characters who, after a few rapid strokes, appear in flesh and blood likeness; the plain, vivid English – and yet all these things are secondary. Above all, Pilgrim’s Progress is a life story. It depicts the life which Bunyan himself lived and, at the same time, the life with which all Christians can substantially identify themselves. For, as Augustus M. Toplady wrote, the book describes ‘every stage of a Christian’s experience, from conversion to glorification.’ It does so with such abiding relevance because Bunyan’s world of thought is that of the Bible itself.


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  1. voorisdanny

    In 1997 When I was struggling with marriage, drugs, raising children, God, and life as a whole! I stumbled upon this book. At first it was harder to understand then the bible, it spoke in parables. In stead of calling a liar a liar the character flaw was giving a name. For instance a human character trait was called by a name. At first it was like trying to solve a puzzle but as the book went on is was easy to read because the bad human character had a name that wasn’t yours, so you didn’t feel the guilt as much. Because when the liar started to change his ways you felt good about your self. Why is that, you say? Because you were the liar.

  2. Richard Close

    Never have I been so magnetized to a book than this, It uses and explodes the scriptures as sweet icing applied to a man struggling to understand the meaning and travels of life. (“Taste and see that the LORD is good.”Psalm 34:) My strong urge and desire to continue to read it as if it was an addictive drug caused me difficulty in sleeping, I fought sleep as Jacob fought the angel until he received a blessing. READ IT!

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    A de luxe edition of Bunyan’s great work, with the original marginal notes, Scripture references and William Strang’s magnificent etchings. 416pp.

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