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Spurgeon y sus controversias

Spurgeon and his Controversies (Forgotten Spurgeon & Spurgeon vs HyperCalvinism)

by Iain H. Murray

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Book Description La figura de Spurgeon no necesita presentación en los circulos evangelicos. El conocido predicador de la época  victoriana dejo una huella que se ha extendido mucho mas alla de la Inglaterra de la segunda mitad del siglo XIX. Sin embargo, no siempre se han aquilatado debidamente las razones de su influencia, y menos […]


Tratado de Teología

A Body of Divinity

by Thomas Watson

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Book Description Este primer libro publicado por The Banner of Truth Trust en Ingles ha sido uno de sus exitos de libreria, ademas del volumen mas util e influyente de su catalogo a lo largo de los años  Ello se debe a varias razones: EI tema del libro. Trata de las principales verdades doctrinales y practicas […]

Book Cover For 'Cristianismo Autentico'
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Book Description En este último volumen de Cristianismo auténtico, el Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones muestra la pertinencia para los lectores modernos de los acontecimientos documentados en Hechos 8: 1-35. Aquí vemos como la persecución que surgió tras el martirio de Esteban condujo a una prodigiosa propagación del evangelio por Samaria y, a través de la conversión […]

The Works of Richard Sibbes by Banner of Truth
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Book Description After William Perkins, ‘the heavenly Doctor Sibbes’ was the most significant of the great Puritan preachers of Cambridge. This reprint of the complete seven-volume set of the Works of Richard Sibbes shows why this is so. Strong thoughts, simple sentences, deep knowledge of the Bible and the human heart and a sure pastoral […]

The Baptist Confession of Faith 1689 - Gift Edition
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Based off of the Westminster Confession of the same century, this confession has served as a major creed for Reformed Baptists.

The Life of John Calvin
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Book Description Few Christian Leaders have suffered quite so much mis-understanding as John Calvin. He has often been dismissed as a theologian without humanity. In fact the very reverse is much nearer the truth. He was a man of deep and lasting affection, passionately concerned for the cause of Christ in the world; a man […]

The History of Providence

The History of Providence

As Manifested in Scripture

by Alexander Carson

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A subject of the deepest interest to the Christian.’ Takes the reader through the Scriptures and points to instances of God’s providence which will provide comfort for all true believers. 264pp.


Our Southern Zion

Old Columbia Seminary (1828-1927)

by David Calhoun

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Part collective biography and part narrative history, this book follows the story of Old Columbia Seminary during the years 1828-1927. 408pp.



His Arms Were Made Strong

by David Searle

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Direct, refreshing and helpful lessons from the life of Joseph, spiritually beneficial to both young and old. 280pp.

sermons great ejection cover
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This new edition for the 350th anniversary of the ‘Farewell Sunday’ in August 1662 when 2000 ministers left the national church for conscience’ sake is also a fine introduction to Puritan preaching. 280pp.

image of the JC Ryle Set 'Expository Thoughts on the Gospels'
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A new, re-typeset, clothbound edition of Ryle’s popular expositional series on the Gospels. The Expository Thoughts can be used as a help in family worship, or as an aid in pastoral visitation, or simply as a companion to the Gospels in the private reading of Scripture. 288–432 pp. per volume.

Book Cover For 'Ernest Kevan'

Ernest Kevan

Leader in Twentieth Century British Evangelicalism

by Paul E Brown

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A worthy memorial to a man who contributed enormously to the life and thought of English-speaking evangelicalism in the mid-twentieth century, by one of his former students at London Bible College. 312pp.

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