Sing Psalms

New Metrical Versions of the Book of Psalms (MUSIC EDITION, Staff)

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A MUSIC EDITION of Sing Psalms, published by the Psalmody Committee of the Free Church of Scotland to foster the practice of the singing of metrical psalms as a part of the worship of the Christian church. Such became a common practice during the Reformation. The very fact that inspired Scripture contains a collection of songs to be used in worship carries a clear implication that the musical aspect of the church’s worship is too important to overlook.

When we read or sing the Psalms, we are struck by their frequent exhortations to offer wholehearted praise in song. This should alert us to the need to think seriously about the manner in which we offer praise to God. Psalm 33, for example, not only summons us to ‘sing joyfully to the Lord, you righteous; it is fitting for the upright to praise him.’ It goes on to emphasise the skill that such an exercise requires. We are to strive for excellence in the musical expression of our worship. The greatness and grace of our God demand nothing less than the best. Musical discernment need not be inimical to the spirituality of our worship; rather it enhances it. The apostle Paul strikes the perfect balance: “I will sing with my spirit, but I will also sing with my mind” (1 Corinthians 14:15).It will be readily seen that, in providing tunes for Sing Psalms, the Committee has drawn mainly on the musical tradition that stems from the Genevan Reformation. This implies no lack of appreciation of other forms of psalm-singing which have been practised in the Christian church before the sixteenth century and since. But the metrical Psalm tune (along with the metrical hymn tune which grew out of it) is the musical form that has dominated congregational song in this country for over four hundred years and is still very much aline today. It is the most accessible music for most of those who will use this version of the Psalms. NOTE: This book has been published in the split-age format to provide greater flexibility in the matching of words and tunes. Also, the price of this book is net, no web discount will be applied. details.

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  1. Ryan Ostrander

    ‘Sing Psalms’ is fantastic! The split leaf format helpfully promotes the use multiple tunes for any given psalm. Some of the shorter psalms like 134 and 117 have terrific tunes and translations to use with young children. I have enjoyed using this psalter for private devotions and family worship. Also, as a church music director I have used this resource successfully in corporate worship.

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