Published: 1996

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ENDORSEMENTS ‘This splendid, thoroughly researched, two-volume history of Princeton Seminary reads like a novel. It tells the story of one of the key institutions that shaped the transformation of post-colonial, adolescent America into a world power, and that for the first time made the Christian faith global, carrying it literally to the uttermost ends of […]

History of Princeton Theological Seminary

Princeton Seminary

Volume 2: The Majestic Testimony, 1869 - 1929

by David Calhoun

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In this movingly told story we meet great spirituality, great scholars, great missionary vision and great consecration to Christ. Vol. 2—The Majestic Testimony 1868–1929, 592pp.

The Art Of Prophesying

The Art of Prophesying

And the Calling of the Ministry

by William Perkins

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Basic guidance to help all Christians read and use the Bible intelligently, with a powerful message to those who lead and preach. 208pp.

Bleeding of the Evangelical Church
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The tragedy of a merely nominal evangelicalism. 16pp.

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The Cross He Bore

Meditations on the Sufferings of the Redeemer

by Frederick Leahy

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Meditative studies on the Passion of Christ. 96pp.

The Inter-Faith Movement

The New Age Enters the Church

by H. J. Pollitt

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The New Age Enters the Church’ — traces the historical development of religious pluralism and the stages by which it has eroded the once-held view of the exclusiveness of the Christian faith. 224pp.

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Swinnock is one of the easiest Puritan authors to read. He is theological, yet his doctrine is expressed in vivid fashion. While practical, his counsel is marked by a keen sensitivity to scriptural doctrine. Approx. 520pp. per volume.

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God’s Riches

A Work-Book on the Doctrines of Grace

by J. Benton

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Serves as an introductory ‘Work-book on the Doctrines of Grace.’ 96pp. Illustrated.

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Everlasting Righteousness

How Shall Man Be Just With God?

by Horatius Bonar

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The answer to the question ‘How Shall Man be Just with God? is to be found in God and the provision he has made in the Lord Jesus Christ. 232pp.

Romans 8

Romans 8

Verses One to Four

by Thomas Jacomb

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These sermons, first preached during persecuting times in the 17th- century, cover all the major truths of the gospel, and especially the practical subjects upon which the Puritans were such masters. 392pp.

John 17
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A moving study of Jesus’ resurrection and the events that followed it, told with a heart-warming freshness and loveliness. 144pp.

The Cambuslang Revival

The Scottish Evangelical Revival of the Eighteenth Century

by Arthur Fawcett

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The author uses first-hand accounts to tell of the 1742 revival. 272pp.

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Beginning With John’s Gospel

The Introduction to John's Gospel Simply Explained

by Susan Harding

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The opening verses of John’s Gospel are used to explain who Jesus was and why he came into the world. For ages 7-10. 64pp. Illustrated.

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Nettleton (1783–1843) was a leading figure in one of the most important half-centuries in American church history. 450pp.

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Puritan preaching at its best.’—Evangelical Times. 200pp.

Sent By Jesus

Some Aspects of Christian Ministry Today

by David Broughton Knox

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Some Aspects of Christian Ministry Today’, which will encourage those who have obeyed Christ’s call to serve him. 96pp.

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