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how do you read the bible
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UPCOMING RELEASE Book Description According to J. C. Ryle, next to praying there is nothing so important in practical religion as Bible reading. God in his mercy has given us a book ‘which is able to make us wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus’ (2 Tim. 3:15). By reading the Bible […]

transfiguration and transformation cover
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UPCOMING RELEASE Book Description Our Bibles consistently use the noun ‘Transfiguration’ with regard to Jesus but ‘Transformation’ with regard to the Christian – and yet it is one and the same verb, transliterated ‘metamorphosed,’ that is used in those places in the original text. Why is that so? Is there an important difference between them? […]

image of 'The Glorious Feast of the Gospel'
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Book Description More than anything else, Richard Sibbes (1577–1635) was a great preacher. He never lost sight of the fact that the best Christian counselling is done by the Holy Spirit through the patient and lively exposition of God’s word. Sibbes excelled as a comforter of the troubled and doubting. But he also possessed a […]

image of the booklet 'precious promises'
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Book Description According to Dr Mark Dever, ‘This little booklet is a devotional classic.’ It contains a ‘gospel map’ that reveals the way to the ‘riches of the covenant.’ With great skill and an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of Scripture, Joseph Alleine (c.1634–68) conveys the ‘exceeding great and precious promises’ of God, and sets them forth […]

image of the booklet "walking toward dawn"

Walking Toward the Dawn

Finding Certainty in Our Christian Experience

by Jeremiah Montgomery

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Endorsements ‘Walking Toward the Dawn provides a sure-footed biblical encouragement to find the heart of our assurance outside of ourselves.’ — IAN HAMILTON Book Description The experience of assurance is an area of the Christian life that is troublesome for many. The author of this booklet is one who knows how difficult the struggle can […]

image of the booklet Evangelistic Calvinism

Evangelistic Calvinism

Why the Doctrines of Grace are Good News

by J. Benton

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Why the Doctrines of Grace are Good News.’ Heart-warming. 32pp.

image of the booklet Jesus Christ and Him Crucified
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A persuasive presentation of the unchanging gospel. 32pp.

image of the book 'The cross' by DMLJ

The Cross

The Vindication Of God

by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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Above all else, the cross is a vindication of the character of God. 32pp.

the five points of Calvinism
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The distinctives of the Reformed understanding of the gospel. 32pp.

image of Amos commentary by Harman


The Shepherd Prophet

by Allan M. Harman

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UPCOMING RELEASE Book description Coming from a remote area of Judah, and from a farming background, Amos was called to a prophetic ministry to the nation of Israel. His prophetic message was a blend of mercy and judgment, as he challenged an erring nation to seek the Lord. In addition to strong condemnation of errant […]

systematic theology cover

Systematic Theology

Expanded Edition: including Introductory volume to Systematic Theology

by Louis Berkhof

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Endorsements ‘A model of order, precision, and (relative) brevity…you will not find a better one-volume systematic theology in the Reformed tradition. I re-read Berkhof as much anything else on this list.’ — KEVIN DEYOUNG ‘There are a number of systematic textbooks that have appeared since Louis Berkhof wrote, but nobody, it seems to me, matches […]

image of 'With a Mighty Triumph' by Rhett Dodson

With A Mighty Triumph!

Christ's Resurrection and Ours

by Rhett P. Dodson

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NEW RELEASE ENDORSEMENTSRead More ↓ ‘Here in this stirring call to “Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead”, we find a tonic for the soul.’ — ALISTAIR BEGG ‘The resurrection of Christ is the stupendous miracle that validates the truth of the Bible and Christianity. But it is much more than that. It is the […]

image of 'Regeneration' the mini-guide


Made New by the Spirit of God

by David B. McWilliams

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Book Description When a Jewish religious leader heard Jesus say, ‘You must be born again’, he was hearing words of the greatest importance, for without this ‘new birth’ entering the kingdom of God is simply not possible. In investigating this ‘key truth’ of the Bible, this mini-guide shows us the sheer greatness of the salvation […]

image of 'sanctification' mini guide


Transformed Life

by David Campbell

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Book Description Transformed is a strong word, but not too strong to describe the wonderful change that takes place in sanctification. This mini-guide introduces us to the Bible’s teaching on this glorious work of God – a work that takes place inwardly and shows itself outwardly. The result is nothing less than a transformation! Banner […]

image of 'Growing in Grace' mini-guide

Growing in Grace

Becoming More Like Jesus

by Jonathan Master

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Book Description This practical guide to growing in grace is rooted in the Bible’s teaching on ‘grace,’ especially as it is revealed in the Lord Jesus Christ. By examining his role as our prophet, priest, and king we will see not only the ways in which he displayed God’s grace during his earthly ministry, but […]

image of the 'Salvation' mini-guide


Full and Free in Christ

by Ian Hamilton

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Book Description Salvation is the greatest need and the deepest longing of all human beings who have ever lived. Throughout history, people have longed for ‘rescue’, though often without understanding ‘from what’ and ‘by whom’. This mini-guide to Salvation goes to the heart of human need and reveals the greatness of God’s deliverance. Banner Mini […]

image of 'The Church' mini guide

The Church

Glorious Body, Radiant Bride

by Mark Johnston

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Book Description The church is the oldest surviving institution in the history of the world. It has changed lives and shaped nations. It is loved, hated, and ignored in equal measure. But what is it, and what is its purpose in the world? This mini-guide answers those questions and shows why the church matters. Banner […]

image of the Bible mini guide

The Bible

God's Inerrant Word

by Derek Thomas

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NEW RELEASE Book Description This mini-guide to the bible provides an entry point for those who know little about the ‘Book of books’; but it does so in a way that encourages those who know it better to explore it more fully. Banner Mini Guides Banner Mini Guides introduce the the reader to some of […]

image of the bruised reed by Richard Sibbes
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In this famous exposition of Isaiah 42:3, Sibbes unfolds the tender ministry of Christ. 138pp.

image of 'The Reformation of the Church' by Iain H. Murray

Reformation Of The Church

A Collection of Reformed and Puritan Documents on Church Issues

by Iain H. Murray

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A Collection of Reformed and Puritan Documents on Church Issues’ with introductory notes. 416pp.

image of the book The Incomparableness of God
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NEW RELEASE Book Description George Swinnock is one of the easiest Puritan authors to read. He is theological yet his doctrine is expressed in vivid fashion and, while he is practical, his counsel is marked by a keen sensitivity to the doctrines taught in Scripture. Thomas Manton commended his work as coming ‘from one both […]

image of the rhett dodson bundle
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Book Description We’ve put this special bundle together to encourage you to read an author that might be new to you. We believe that though Rhett Dodson is still living, he writes with a depth that we often associate with authors from long ago. And so we think it would be worth your time in […]

image of the book thoughts on religious experience clothbound
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Deals with the subjective work of the Holy Spirit in the heart, in all its phases, from the new birth until final preparation for heaven. 368pp.

image of the Treasures of John Owen Box Set
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Endorsements ‘Now the doors of your John Owen ‘library’ are open. Choose a volume. You can start anywhere; you will find biblical insight, wisdom, and personal help everywhere. And perhaps this little box set of the Treasures of John Owen will one day be part of your own spiritual heirloom…’ — SINCLAIR B. FERGUSON Book […]

Image of the Puritan Classics Box Set

Puritan Classics Box Set

10 Volume Set


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Endorsements ‘These are the books to return to again and again as old friends. They are also a sacred trust, to pass on to our families, and to recommend to friends. For in these books we have been given light on our path, instruction for our minds, wisdom for our lives, pleasures for our spirit.’ […]

image of tDevoted to God's Church by Sinclair Ferguson

Devoted To God’s Church

Core Values for Christian Fellowship

by Sinclair B. Ferguson

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ENDORSEMENTS ‘Many people “go to church.” Sinclair Ferguson, with his typical gentleness and wisdom, teaches us how to ‘be the church’ as Christ defines it. This simple, clear, and moving book will be great help for people interested in learning more about becoming members of a church. It is also a good tool for those […]

cover image for Crucified and Risen by John Calvin

Crucified and Risen

Sermons on the Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Christ

by John Calvin

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Book Description To call the arrest, trial, scourging and crucifixion of Jesus Christ a miscarriage of justice is true as far as it goes, but it does not go far enough. Christ’s death on the cross was not an accident but, as his resurrection attests, was accomplished according to the sovereign, loving will of God, […]

2019 west coast conference audio usb

2019 West Coast Ministers’ Conference Audio

the new covenant ministry of the holy spirit

price From: $1.99


Information on Formats Expand ↓ You can purchase the Conference Audio right from this page in a number of ways: MP3 USB DRIVE – The best option for those of you who want the conference audio in a tangible product is the MP3 USB Drive. This format allows you to get the entire conference audio onto […]

Cover image for Hebrews by Charles Hodge
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Endorsements ‘Hodge’s method and matter make him doubly useful in commenting. He is singularly clear, and a great promoter of thought…The more we use Hodge the more we value him.’ — C. H. SPURGEON ‘One always turns to Hodge’s commentaries with great confidence, for in him there is that perfect blending of theology, scholarship and […]

cover image for 'The Great Transformation' by Maurice Roberts

The Great Transformation

The Sanctification and Glorification of the Believer

by Maurice Roberts

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Book Description The eight chapters of The Great Transformation bring before the reader the sanctification and glorification of the believer in Jesus. The author, a pastor of many years, explains, illustrates and applies these doctrines with fresh insights into the daily experiences and struggles of the Christian. He shows how they are a great encouragement […]

cover image for 'God is Always Better Than We Can Imagine' by Iain Wright

God is Always Better Than We Can Imagine

Thirty-One Meditations on the Greatness of God

by Iain Wright

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Book endorsements ‘Right away as I began reading these devotionals it struck me that they are much like Spurgeon’s, and that for one simple reason: Iain (like Spurgeon) has a mind and heart saturated with the whole content of Scripture.’ — G.I. WILLIAMSON Book Description How much can we know about God? By definition, the […]

cover for Meeting Jesus by R.C. Sproul

Meeting Jesus

The 'I Am' Sayings of Christ

by R. C. Sproul

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Book Description Who is Jesus? Nearly every adult person has formed some opinion of him. These opinions may be superficial, uninformed, or downright heretical. But does it really matter what we think about Jesus? After all, he was a man who lived nearly 2,000 years ago, so how relevant can he be to people in […]

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