Published monthly, the Banner of Truth magazine aims at a serious approach to the Christian faith by means of devotional, historical and doctrinal studies, and seeks to show how that faith relates to modern issues and attitudes.

The magazine is available both as a physical magazine, delivered each month through the mail, or as an Electronic magazine (Emag) which is emailed to you each month in the form of a pdf file. Subscription details for both are shown below. Of course, if you want to, you can have both!

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Magazine Index

Magazine IndexWith over 3000 articles published in the magazine since 1955, it is a valuable resource. This complete index allows you to browse the articles that have been published in each issue of the magazine, and is searchable, so you can find authors and subjects that are interesting to you.

Single copies are available for £1.85 & £3.70 (double issue) while supplies last.


To set-up a new subscription, or renew a previous one, the prices are as follows:

UK Addresses Non-UK Addresses
Length Print Emag (PDF)* Print + Emag Print Emag (PDF) Print + Emag
One Year £15.00 £12.00 £22.00 £20.00 £12.00 £27.00
Two Years £28.00 £22.00 £41.00 £35.00 £22.00 £48.00

*the electronic magazine (Emag) is emailed to you each month as a pdf file



This binder holds two years’ issues and is made of stout board, with wire rods to hold the magazine in place. The name ‘Banner of Truth’ is stamped in gold on a black panel on the grey cloth.