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An Evening Discussion on the Bride of Christ

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Date March 24, 2015

At a point in history when the church in the West is finding herself for the first time in 1,500 years to be marginal or often unwelcome, clear thinking on the nature and purpose of the church is vital. Join us in Philadelphia on April 22nd for an evening conference to hear the great wisdom and scriptural insight that Bannerman has to share with the Church today.

Hear Carl Trueman (WTS), Nathan Sasser (Sovereign Grace), and Jonathan Leeman (9Marks) discuss the importance of a biblical doctrine of the Church for the lives of ordinary Christians.

Celebrate a fresh new printing of James Bannerman’s magisterial work The Church of Christ, and get your copy for only $25 (50% off at the event only), as well as access to exclusive discounts at the event booktable hosted by the Westminster Bookstore.

Event Schedule:
6:00 – Registration & Bookstore Open
7:00– Introduction & Welcome
7:10– First Address
7:35– Second Address
8:00– Third Address
8:25– 10 Minute Break
8:35– Speaker Panel Discussion
9:30– Discussion & Conference Closes – Doxology
10:30– Bookstore Closes

This event will be of special interest to pastors, seminary students, college students, and other church leaders. The conference is sponsored by the Westminster Bookstore and Banner of Truth.

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