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Covid-19 Conference Update

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Date March 22, 2021

Like us, you may be asking whether, in the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the East-Coast Ministers’ Conference will be able to go ahead. And the answer is we do not know. As things stand we cannot predict what state of lockdown we will all be in when we get to May. But we felt that we couldn’t wait any longer before at least telling you what has been planned, in the hope that something will be possible.

It is more than likely that things will change. Speakers may need to change; we may need to adjust the length of the conference; we may have limitations on the number of people who can attend; we may run the conference as a combined in-person and online event; it may not be possible to have any residential element to the conference. Lots of things could change, and we will be keeping our website updated as things develop, but we wanted to at least get something to you now.

What we would advise you to do is to book early. If we end up having to operate with limited numbers, we will do this on a first-booked first-served basis. We will, of course, refund people who are unable to attend.

If you have questions or queries about the conference, please email

We trust that you and the church that you serve are knowing God’s preservation and blessing in these strange times.

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