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The Books of the Bible

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Date July 10, 2003

by Phyllis Hunt, C.S.S.M. 1955.

GENESIS tells how it all began
The world, redemption, sin and man.

In EXODUS we plainly see
How God can set His people free.

LEVITICUS shows the way to God
Only through sacrifice and blood.

In NUMBERS the tribes in order stand –
Ready to take the promised land

In DEUTERONOMY sons are trained –
The land they lost must now be gained.

JOSHUA by God’s almighty hand –
Led the people and conquered the land.

In JUDGES evil develops faster
Disobedience always brings disaster.

In RUTH our great Kinsman-Redeemer is shown –
Finding and claiming His bride for His own.

SAMUEL the prophet tells of kings two –
Saul was false but David was true.

In SAMUEL 2 he tells again –
That a monarch’s sins cause fearful pain.

In 1 KINGS is built the House of the Lord
But Ahab and others defy His Word.

In 2 KINGS most had the Lord forsaken
So Israel is conquered and captive taken.

In CHRONICLES David taught the nation –
Work and warfare and true adoration.

But in 2 CHRONICLES sad to say –
Judah too is carried away.

EZRA rebuilt the House of the Lord
And taught the people His holy Word.

NEHEMIAH rebuilt Jerusalem’s walls,
And organised work for one and wall.

In ESTHER the power of God is great,
To save the Jews from an awful fate.

JOB is afflicted with pain and sorrow
But God provides him a bright tomorrow.

The PSALMS are lovely for every day
For they guide through the ups and downs of the way.

And PROVERBS too, to discerning eyes,
Is full of sayings both short and wise.

In ECCLESIASTES there’s peace for none –
Who fix their hope all ‘under the sun’

So CANTICLES sings that peace and rest
Are found in Him Who is better than best.

ISAIAH sings of that glorious day,
When sorrow and sighing shall flee away.

While JEREMY strikes a note that’s sad –
For the nation’s living was slack and bad.

And then he LAMENTS with the Saviour’s cry –
‘Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by?’

EZEKIEL describes the great ‘City Square’
And God’s judgements on those who refuse to prepare.

And DANIEL the loved one was plainly shown,
Earth’s great empires overthrown.

HOSEA had an unfaithful wife,
Who portrayed Israel, true to life.

While JOEL sounds forth a mighty word,
Of ‘the great and terrible Day of the Lord’

AMOS gave warning to far and near,
But alas! No single nation would hear.

OBADIAH warned Edom of deadly pride,
Oh, where in the Judgment Day will he hide?

JONAH was scared to go where he ought,
And in the strangest way, had to be taught!

MICAH tells of the Saviour’s birth,
How, in Bethlehem’s village, GOD came to earth!

And NAHUM says that God’s anger is great,
For those whose repentance comes too late.

While HABAKKUK sees from his watchtower high,
That God is enough when all other things fly

ZEPHANIAH shows joy of the God above,
When His people return to the ways of love.

HAGGAI says, ‘Get up and work! –
This is no time to laze and shirk!’

ZECHARIAH speaks of the Christ Who came,
First to suffer and then to reign.

And MALACHI speaks of the rising sun,
Describing Messiah, the Coming One.

St. MATTHEW shows us scene after scene,
The King of the Jews with royal mien.

In MARK the perfect Servant is sent,
Who did God’s will wherever He went.

In LUKE’s account we may reverently scan,
The tender heart of the Son of Man.

While JOHN sets forth with every sign,
That Christ is the Son of God Divine.

In ACTS is first published to Jew and to Greek
The way of salvation, not far to seek.

In ROMANS Paul argues that faith in God’s grace
Will save all who trust, from eternal disgrace.

1 CORINTHIANS shows us man’s wisdom is nought,
And the power of God must be earnestly sought.

2 CORINTHIANS teaches to love and forgive
For those who repent and receive Christ, may live.

GALATIANS proclaims the glad news that we’re free,
From love, not from fear, our obedience should be.

In EPHESIANS we’re warned there’s a fight to be fought,
And to take every bit of the armour we ought.

While PHILIPPIANS tells how Christ came from above,
And suffered to bring joy, hope, peace and love.

COLOSSIANS calls us to walk in the light,
Now Satan’s dark kingdom is broken in might.

While 1 THESSALONIANS says, ‘Do not grieve,
Your dear ones with Jesus you safely can leave’

And 2 THESSALONIANS says He’ll return,
His own to reward, and the wicked to spurn.

1 TIMOTHY prophecies difficult days,
And shows how the Church should be ruled to God’s praise.

While in TIMOTHY 2 Paul warns his young friend,
He’ll need to be strong and stand firm to the end.

In TITUS each character wherever he stays,
Must live to please Jesus and show forth His praise.

PHILEMON’s the tale of a runaway slave,
But love and forgiveness his wronged master gave.

And HEBREWS is full of the praise of God’s Son.
He’s better than all things and everyone.

In JAMES we are taught how to live and to pray,
‘Take care not to quarrel and mind what you say’

1 PETER tells of the infinite cost,
Of the work Jesus finished to rescue the lost.

While PETER’s next letter says, ‘Do grow in grace,
Make good with your time till you see Jesus’ face’

In JOHN’s first epistle he tells us to love,
For in this way our heavenly birth we can prove.

And JOHN’s second letter says, ‘Just carry on,
And keep on obeying till heaven is won’

JOHN writes one more letter to say that he’s glad,
When the Church obeys the commands that they’ve had.

And JUDE makes quite clear that Old Testament seers,
Foresaw Christ’s great Kingdom through all those long years.

While great REVELATION just shines as the sun,
With glory on glory of God’s only Son.

© CSSM and used with permission.

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