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The Reformers’ Bookshop, Sydney, Australia

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Date September 3, 2004

The Reformers’ Bookshop (Sydney, Australia) has recently celebrated 20 years of God’s sustaining grace. The bookshop is a church based ministry of Stanmore Baptist Church and was established to promote and supply faithful, God honoring and Christ centered literature.

The church at Stanmore, an inner western suburb of Sydney, had begun to be impacted by such literature in the late 1970s when a young couple generously supplied the pastor with many Banner of Truth titles and related works. Works by Thomas Watson, John Owen, Matthew Henry, Thomas Brooks, Charles Hodge and others were the means to bring him to embrace the doctrines of grace. As he shared quotations from these books in sermons and studies, a hunger was created in the congregation to read and promote these truths. The church is grateful to Banner of Truth for sowing this seed.

The bookshop commenced in 1984 as the church felt the need to help make such literature more widely available. Liberalism, worldliness and ‘easy believism’ were prevalent in many churches throughout Australia, and sadly this has continued to be the case, and has been reflected in much of the Christian literature available.

The Reformers Bookshop has sought to stock and supply only those books that affirm the unchangeable doctrine of Scripture, rediscovered by the Reformers. As a work of the local church, many members have faithfully volunteered their time at every level of the work, and labored to build up and extend the ministry.

This has enabled costs to be kept at a minimum so that books may be made available at affordable prices. We now stock thousands of titles from reliable publishers such as Banner of Truth, Evangelical Press and Soli Deo Gloria.

The work has primarily focused on serving believers and churches within Australia. Books are supplied to customers in every Australian state. We are also seeing growing opportunities to provide books to neighboring countries in the region. On occasions, thanks to our website, we have had requests for books from such places as the West Indies, Finland, Holland and the USA! We particularly value the opportunity to supply good books to believers in remote parts of Australia.

We are grateful to God for all His benefits towards us (Ps116:12). By His grace, multiples of thousands of books have been distributed. We look to the Lord to carry this work forward into the years ahead and we value your prayers for this vital ministry.

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