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What is the purpose of the medical profession?

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Date July 30, 2005

A letter in the Times, July18

Sir, The British Medical Association’s recent votes on assisted dying and abortion (report July 1) reflect in my view a growing contempt within the medical profession for human life, the reduction of doctors to instruments of social engineering, and an increase in moral relativism and nihilism in their ranks.

Doctors know better than most of us about the humanity of the unborn child, yet many refuse to defend it. Now they are nudging open the doors of euthanasia, despite the fact that laws designed to safeguard against abuse often deteriorate into annoying obstacles to be ignored or overcome.

I once was proud to come from an extensive medical family stretching back more than 150 years. I’m now almost ashamed. I really don’t know the purpose of the medical profession any more.

From Mr Michael Calwell

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