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What Is This?

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Date October 22, 2014

I first read this gentle little quiz in the Friendly Companion, the children’s magazine of the Gospel Standard Baptists. I rearranged it a little and then spoke to the children in our congregation and asked them if they could work out the answer. What is this?

1. It is one word with seven letters.
2. All poor people have got it.
3. Wealthy people don’t need it.
4. If you eat it you will die.
5. It existed before God.
6. It is greater than God.
7. It is more evil than the devil.

I waited a while. I repeated it, and finally a voice, not of a child, gave the right answer. ‘Nothing!’

Then I developed what I had discovered in those seven clues, and I said to the children, ‘So the answer is “nothing” and now I will ask you fifteen questions and there is one answer to all of the fifteen. It is “Nothing!” And I want you all to say that answer aloud and together. Are you ready?’ And so I began to interrogate them, and they, with growing confidence and volume, cried out to me the one great answer, ‘Nothing!’ May they know the power of that word in their lives.

1. What is impossible with God?
2. Without the Lord Jesus Christ what was created?
3. What in all creation is hidden from God?
4. What is an idol anywhere in the world?
5. What did we bring into the world?
6. What do you have that you did not first receive from God?
7. What are we going to take out of the world?
8. When Jesus Christ was born what did he make himself?
9. What did the Lord Jesus Christ do wrong?
10. How much that is impure will enter the kingdom of heaven?
11. What perfect thing dwells in our hearts?
12. What else apart from the blood of Christ can wash away our sins?
13. When we go to Jesus Christ for salvation what do we bring in our hands?
14. Apart from Jesus Christ what can we do?
15. If I do not have love what am I?

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