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A Prayer of Surrender and Love

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Date July 18, 2016

This is sweet language in prayer, when the soul is in a right frame.

‘Lord, I confirm all my former dedications of myself to thee; and may all my covenantings be forever ratified. Or if I did never yet sincerely give myself up to the Lord, I do it now with the greatest solemnity, and from the bottom of my heart. I commit my guilty soul into the hands of Jesus my Redeemer, that he may sprinkle it with his atoning blood, that he may clothe it with his justifying righteousness and make me, a vile sinner, accepted in the presence of a just and holy God. I appear, O Father, in the presence of thy justice and holiness, clothed in the garments of thine own Son, and I trust thou beholdest not iniquity in me to punish it. I give my soul, that has much corruption in it by nature, and much of the remaining power of sin, into the hands of my almighty Saviour, that by his grace he may form all my powers anew; that he may subdue every irregular appetite and root out every disorderly passion; that he may frame me after his own image, fill me with his own grace, and fit me for his own glory. I hope in thee, my God, for thou art my refuge, my strength, and my salvation. I love thee above all things, and I know I love thee. Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire in comparison of thee. I desire thee with my strongest affections, and I delight in thee above all delights. My soul stands in awe and fears before thee; and I rejoice to love such a God who is almighty and the object of my highest reverence.

Extract from A Guide to Prayer.


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