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Web Reviews of Banner Books 2008 No. 5

Category Book Reviews
Date June 10, 2008

‘Not so much a Reformer or theologian, more a preacher…there is no agonizing over hermeneutics, and comparatively little time is given to exegesis and exposition. Calvin simply reads the words off the page, providing clear direct commentary, and applies them.’ [Paul Helm on Calvin’s Sermons on the Acts of the Apostles, Chapters 1-7]

The following are links to some blogs where comments on or reviews of Banner of Truth titles have been posted during May, 2008. The views expressed are of course those of the respective bloggers. . .

For each title mentioned, a link is also provided to the appropriate page of the Banner online Bookstore, where orders can be placed.


Paul Helm (United Kingdom) at the reformation21 website of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.

Jacob Hantla (Chandler, Arizona) at Think About These Things.

Jacob Hantla (Chandler, Arizona) on his own Think About These Things blog. A re-post of a review written 4 years ago.

Mark Tubbs (Vancouver, British Columbia) at Discerning Reader.

Jeremy Walker (Crawley, West Sussex) on The Wanderer blog.

Jeremy Walker (Crawley, West Sussex) on The Wanderer blog.

Jeremy Walker (Crawley, West Sussex) on The Wanderer blog.

Timmy Brister (Cape Coral, Florida) on his Provocations and Pantings blog, quoting from Meet the Puritans (Reformation Heritage Books).

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