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Review: Setting Our Sights on Heaven

Category Book Reviews
Date January 3, 2012

This is not a book so much about heaven, but rather the Christian’s attitude to heaven. The author’s aim is to make Christians more heavenly minded.

The book is in two parts. In part one Mr. Wolfe looks at the Bible’s teaching on heaven, how we get to heaven and what it means to set your mind on heaven. In part two he looks at the various reasons that believers push heaven out of their mindset and what to do about it.

Mr. Wolfe writes in an engaging almost chatty style, but this does not mean that what he says is superficial. On the contrary what he says is deeply rooted in the scriptures. There are many profound and helpful insights. Mr. Wolfe writes with a pastoral heart, identifying and analysing negative attitudes and wrong views that cause us to be too earthly minded.

The book ends with a challenge: ‘Fill your minds with heaven and see what sort of Christianity it makes…life here below will never be the same again.’

Heaven is only one step away for believers and this book will help us realise it and live accordingly. This is well worth reading.

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