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What They’re Saying About Banner Books (2014 No. 1)

Category Book Reviews
Date January 13, 2014

‘I would vigorously recommend Murray’s book, especially to pastors and preachers. Yes, it will convict and rebuke, but also it will instruct and encourage. If nothing else, it paints a sweet portrait of Christian humility, faithfulness, and endeavour which we would do well to emulate.’ – Jeremy Walker enjoyed Iain H. Murray’s Archibald G. Brown: Spurgeon’s Successor, and the first companion volume of Brown’s sermons: The Face of Jesus Christ: The Person and Work of our Lord.

In the Notes below are links to selected online reviews of Banner titles, posted October – December 2013. The views expressed are of course those of the respective bloggers/reviewers. For each title mentioned, a link is also provided to the appropriate page of the Trust’s online Bookstore, where orders can be placed.


Jeremy Walker (Crawley, W. Sussex) at the Reformation21 website ‘vigorously recommends’ Archibald G. Brown: Spurgeon’s Successor and found The Face of Jesus Christ: The Person and Work of our Lord a ‘splendid companion volume’.

Also at Reformation21 . . .

Paul Levy (London, England) interviews Garry Williams, author of Silent Witnesses, regarding his book, his outlook on church history, and the John Owen Centre – here.

Bob Thomas (Mitcham, Victoria), editor of New Life, Australia’s online Christian newspaper, has penned three ‘Banner’ reviews in recent months . . .

October 1, 2013, page 17: ‘”accessible” will become the adjective of choice’ to describe Iain Murray’s revised one-volume biography The Life of Martyn Lloyd-Jones 1899-1981.

December 15, 2013, page 17: ‘Two Little Gems from Banner of Truth’ are Finding Peace with God: Justification Explained by Maurice Roberts and The Way to True Happiness by Ralph Venning.

. . . and the Goswells have also been busy in New Life:

November 15, 2013, page 17: According to Mignon Goswell, the biographies in Samuel Rutherford and His Friends by Faith Cook ‘are an insight into history politically, socially and from a religious perspective’ . . .

December 15, 2013, page 16: . . . while Greg Goswell says that ‘to take the time and effort to read through the two volumes [of The Works of William Tyndale] will pay rich dividends, for the reader will gain a crystal-clear understanding of Gospel principles.’

Wayne Pearce, minister of the Skye and Harris congregations of the Associated Presbyterian Church, has reviewed three Banner titles on his blog:

J. C. Ryle’s little booklet, The Agency that Transformed a Nation is ‘educational, edifying and encouraging’.

Finding Peace with God: Justification Explained by Maurice Roberts is ‘readable, requisite and recommended’.

And Venning’s The Way to True Happiness is ‘a thoroughly biblical and erudite exposition of Matthew 7:21’.

Terry Delaney (Mexico, Missouri) has been busy on his ‘Christian Book Notes’ blog:

Apostasy from the Gospel is ‘just as much needed today as it was when [John Owen] wrote it some 400 years ago.’

Also in the Puritan Paperbacks series, The Art of Prophesying (William Perkins) and Christian Love (Hugh Binning) are recommended.

Sinclair Ferguson’s words in Deserted by God? are ‘a sweet balm to a healing soul’.

And the recent Pocket Puritan Gift Editions of The Baptist and Westminster Confessions of Faith ‘make for a durable and classic looking resource.’

Nick Roark (Washington, DC) finds that Richard Sibbes ‘provides a tenderhearted, Christ-exalting exposition and application of Isaiah 42:1-3’ in The Bruised Reed, in the 9Marks Journal.

At ‘The Christian Pundit’ blog, Rebecca VanDoodewaard (Grand Rapids, Michigan) thinks that Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ Christian Marriage ‘blows nearly every other marriage book out of the water, and is worth its weight in gold’.

Alan Hill (Montreux, Switzerland), at The Good Book Stall, finds the new clothbound edition of Ryle’s Old Paths ‘a model of good communication and preaching’.

In Credo Magazine (November 2013, pages 88-90), Gary Steward reviews David B. Calhoun’s Our Southern Zion – Old Columbia Seminary (1828-1927) in an article entitled ‘Countering Contempt for the History of Southern Whites’.

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