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What They’re Saying About Banner Books (2015 No. 4)

Category Book Reviews
Date July 15, 2015

‘A most enjoyable new book about old authors and their continuing influence.’ – Fred G. Zaspel on You Must Read: Books That Have Shaped Our Lives.

In the Notes below are links to selected online reviews of Banner titles, mostly posted May/June 2015. The views expressed are of course those of the respective bloggers/reviewers. For each title mentioned, a link is also provided to the appropriate page of the Trust’s online Bookstore, where orders can be placed.


A ‘guide to some of the great books of the church that have influenced countless Christians’ says Fred G. Zaspel (Franconia, Pennsylvania) of the recently published You Must Read: Books That Have Shaped Our Lives at Books at a Glance. His interview with Sinclair B. Ferguson about the book can be found here.

In New Life (July 15, 2015, page 13), Bob Thomas (Mitcham, Victoria, Australia) found You Must Read ‘a bit like opening a window into each contributor’s Christian life and ministry’.

Iain H. Murray’s biography Amy Carmichael – ‘Beauty for Ashes’ continues to be popular:

‘Be ready to be challenged by reading of the life and work of a servant of God who taught the Gospel and sought to live out that Gospel’ warns Mignon Goswell (Australia) in New Life (June 1, 2015, page 15).

Gary Brady (London) at his Heavenly Worldliness blog, says ‘this little book is very useful in its ability not only to give the basic story but to attempt some perceptive theological analysis as well.’

Jeff Kingswood (Woodstock, Ontario) asks (and answers!) the question ‘Why read James Bannerman’s The Church of Christ?’ at The Confessional ARP blog. ‘It is a work of theology that leads us through God’s plan and purpose for Christ’s Church and enables us to love the Bride of our Saviour more and more.’

‘This is the kind of story that needs to be in every home. More than merely biography or history, it is a gripping portrait of what Christianity should be.’ Jimmy Reagan (Leesville, South Carolina) commends the re-published The Korean Pentecost and the Sufferings which Followed by William Blair and Bruce Hunt at The Reagan Review.

Fred G. Zaspel (Franconia, Pennsylvania) is also enthusiastic about this ‘deeply moving account of an often overlooked chapter of Christian history’ at Books at a Glance.

The new booklet by Iain D. Campbell, Faith Seeking Understanding: Vital Lessons from Psalm 73 is ‘an attractive, well laid out and readable booklet . . . the type of book to read for our own growth in understanding of the ways of God and then pass on to others’ according to Bob Thomas (Mitcham, Victoria, Australia) in New Life (June 15, 2015, page 13).

Terry Delaney (Mexico, Missouri) has been watching the new Media Gratiae DVD documentary Logic on Fire: The Life and Legacy of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones (promoted by the Trust). His verdict, on his Christian Book Notes blog – ‘Every young pastor should watch this documentary. The fire for preaching exuding from the life of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones is contagious.’

Terry Delaneyhere – is also enthused by the Trust’s new edition of Thomas Watson’s The Beatitudes: An Exposition of Matthew 5:1-10. ‘Wow! . . . Watson leaves no stone unearthed in his treatment of these glorious foundational truths of the Christian life.’

Another of Watson’s works, the Puritan Paperback The Doctrine of Repentance is ‘weighty, heart-searching stuff, but done with a winsome lightness of touch’, says Guy Davies (Westbury, Wiltshire) on his Exiled Preacher blog.

Finally, Joey Cochran (St Charles, Illinois), at the Gospel-centered Library on his website, found his ‘own prayer life to be transformed because of the many truths [he’s] embraced and learned from this book of prayer – The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions.

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