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A. Moody Stuart

Alexander Moody Stuart was born Alexander Moody at Paisley in June 1809. He was educated at Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities, and was a missionary in Holy Island, Northumberland, from 1831 to 1835. Under the Kirk session of St George’s, Edinburgh, he began, in 1835, the work of gathering a congregation in Young Street. He was ordained to his first ministry at St Luke’s, Young Street, in July 1837. When he married Jessie Stuart in September 1839 he took her surname in order that she should inherit the family estate at Annat. After the Disruption of 1843, Stuart joined the Free Church of Scotland, and became minister of St Luke’s Free Church, Edinburgh. He was Moderator of the General Assembly of the Free Church in 1875. He received the degree of Doctor of Divinity (DD) from the University of Edinburgh in 1875. He died at Crieff, Perthshire, in July 1898. Stuart’s Life of John Duncan (‘Rabbi’ Duncan), who was a member and elder at St Luke’s, is published by the Trust, as is his book The Three Marys.