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Faith and the World



The world is artful to entrap,
      approaches in fascinating guise,
      extends many a gilded bait,
      presents many a charming face.
Let my faith scan every painted bauble,
  and escape every bewitching snare
  in a victory that overcomes all things.
In my duties give me firmness, energy, zeal,
    devotion to thy cause,
    courage in thy name,
    love as a working grace,
  and all commensurate with my trust.
Let faith stride forth in giant power,
  and love respond with energy in every act.
I often mourn the absence of my beloved Lord
  whose smile makes earth a paradise,
  whose voice is sweetest music,
  whose presence gives all graces strength.
But by unbelief I often keep him outside my door.
Let faith give entrance that he may abide
    with me for ever.

Thy Word is full of promises,
  flowers of sweet fragrance,
  fruit of refreshing flavour
  when culled by faith.
May I be made rich in its riches,
  be strong in its power,
  be happy in its joy,
  abide in its sweetness,
  feast on its preciousness,
  draw vigour from its manna.
Lord, increase my faith.

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