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Third Day Evening: Before Sleep



Thy greatness is unsearchable,
Thy name most excellent,
Thy glory above the heavens;
Ten thousand minister to thee,
Ten thousand times ten thousand stand
before thee;
In thy awful presence we are less than nothing.
We do not approach thee because we deserve
thy notice, for we are sinners;
Our necessities compel us,
Thy promises encourage us,
Our broken hearts incite us,
The Mediator draws us,
Thy acceptance of others moves us.
Look thou upon us and be merciful unto us;
Convince us of the penalty and pollution of sin;
Give us faith to believe, and, believing,
to have life in Jesus;
May we enter into his sufferings;
Let us see thy hand in the instruments of our grief,
rejoicing that they are from thy over-ruling
Let not our weeping hinder sowing;
nor sorrow, duty.
While living in a world of change let us seek
the abiding city.
Be with us to our journey’s end
that we may glorify thee in death as in life.
We bless thee for preservation, supplies, mercies,
and to thee, keeper of souls, we commit
all we are and have.
May no evil befall us,
no sickness come nigh us,
no horror disturb us!
May our conscience be clear, our hearts pure,
our sleep sweet!
And with the innumerable company who neither
slumber nor rest
we join in ascribing blessing, honour,
glory and power
to the Lamb upon the throne,
for ever and ever.

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