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Sidney Maurice Houghton (1899-1987) was born in Salford, Manchester to Joseph and Edith (née Edge) Houghton. Both his parents were ardent Methodists, and at one time it was thought their son would enter the ministry of that denomination. He had an early interest in books, inherited from his father. He served in the Army for […]


A few details about Matthew Henry’s life (1662 – 1714) will be of interest. His grandfather was ‘keeper of the orchard’ at Whitehall, London, and he took his father’s Christian name for his surname ‘after the Welsh manner’. The earlier surname was Williams. Philip Henry, Matthew’s father, achieved fame as a nonconformist minister and diarist. […]

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Date March 7, 2006

In 1964 the Banner of Truth was encouraged by the Rev. J. Marcellus Kik of Silver Spring, Maryland, then an associate editor of Christianity Today, to republish Samuel Bolton’s “The True Bounds of Christian Freedom.” It is a classic study of the law of God and its relationship to the Christian. This is the book’s […]

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Date May 1, 2001