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A Reformation Travel Guide

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Date March 28, 2006

Should you ever have an opportunity to visit the Reformation sites in Germany, the 96-page booklet Lutherstaedte-A Reformation Travel Guide (plus mini CD) would be a valuable companion (Lutherstaedte-A Reformation -Travel Guide, Stimme Der Hoffnung, copyright 2005. North American sales at, US $9.95. European sales at, Euro9.95.). The information provided, as well as the features, will help make your visit more enjoyable.

While this booklet does not function as a travel map, the traveler will be able to locate these sites on a road map. For instance, a map of Germany showing the location of the various sites can be found on page 96, and a listing of tourist information centers for the Reformation venues including addresses, telephone numbers, and Web sites, is on page 95. The traveler will receive additional information by contacting each office.

Containing pictures and helpful descriptions of each location, the booklet has German on one side and English on the other side. It contains information about each city as well as an explanation of the significance to Luther and the Reformation.

Although the reader will find, for the most part, the text accurate, on page 47 of the English text, it incorrectly states that Friedrich the Wise died in 1515. However, the German text (p. 46) correctly states that he died in 1525. Friedrich the Wise played a significant role and created an environment in which Luther could develop his principles of the Reformation. Since Luther started his public drive for reformation in 1517, the reader needs to know that Friedrich supported him for the next eight years until his death in 1525.

While the text would have benefited from additional editing, the reader of the English text will, for the most part, understand it. If you have an opportunity to travel to Germany, take this guide and enjoy the experience of visiting important Reformation sites.

Nikolaus Satelmajer, editor Ministry

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