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African Bible University of Uganda

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Date May 31, 2013

The original vision for African Bible Colleges began in the hearts and minds of Dr and Mrs John W Chinchen. After spending seven years training pastors in the interior of Liberia, the Chinchens realised that in order to raise up servant leaders for Christ in Africa they should develop university-level training with a distinctively biblical perspective. In 1975 the vision became reality when the first of these universities began in Liberia, West Africa. A second university opened in 1991 in the Southern African country of Malawi.

In 2005 the third of these Christ-committed universities opened in Uganda. African Bible University offers two four-year degree programmes: BA in Biblical Studies and BA in Christian Community Leadership. Either of these degrees can be taken with a subsidiary in Education, Communications or Business. African Bible University is located on 30 beautiful acres just outside the capital city of Kampala. There are 26 buildings with the erection of the first classroom block.

Currently we have 135 students from 10 nations: Uganda, Sudan, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Eritrea, China and Korea. Many of these are troubled African nations. The students are extremely diverse in every way – ranging in age from 17 to early 60’s, from different backgrounds (Presbyterian, Anglican, Baptist, Pentecostal, converted witch-doctors, converted Muslims, converted Catholics, children of polygamists, children of pagans, children of believers, children of pastors, orphans). And yet the Lord brings unity and enrichment through all this diversity. Our graduates have gone into the pastoral ministry, evangelism, church planting, establishing orphanages and schools, teaching, radio ministry, working with illiterate people, apologetics research, pastoral training, banking, business and many other fields.

Dr Palmer Robertson and his wife Joanna have been in Africa since 1992, first in Malawi, and then in 2001 Palmer was asked to become the Vice Chancellor of the proposed African Bible University in Uganda. Since December 2004 we have been full-time in Uganda. Their oldest son Murray (14) was born in Malawi, and Elliot (12) and Daniel (10) were born in the USA while Palmer was alternating between African Bible College, Malawi and Knox Theological Seminary in Florida. In his administrative role as Vice Chancellor Palmer is responsible for finding faculty and staff, fundraising, budget and finances, and general oversight of the running of the university. He preaches each week in chapel and usually teaches three courses each semester. His regular courses include Old Testament Biblical Theology, New Testament Biblical Theology, Old Testament Poetical Books, Sermon Preparation, and Greek. Joanna serves as the Registrar, although the Deputy Registrar has shouldered much of the work for the last few years. In addition she teaches one course a semester: Fundamental Mathematics and either Business Statistics or Introduction to Bible Translation, as well as home-schooling the boys. In case you wonder how they manage all this, they have been blessed with the help of a wonderful Christian lady called Ainebyona who does all their cooking, cleaning and washing in order to free them to do these other jobs!

One of Palmer’s ministries across the years has been the writing ministry. He is currently working on the Psalms – looking at the flow of the book, both in terms of theme and structure. The Robertsons hope to be in Cambridge until August 6th when they expect to return to Uganda ready for the start of the new academic year.

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