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Review: God’s Light on Dark Clouds

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Date May 19, 2010

This book is a reprint of a book first published in the USA in 1882. It was written to comfort Christians who are suffering. Pastor Cuyler’s daughter had just died so he wrote from experience.
There are 23 very short chapters each based on a scripture phrase. Some of the texts chosen are most unusual (e.g. Absalom setting on fire the barley field of Joab). The chapter headings will give you a flavour of the contents: “words for the weary”; “weeping and working”; “right seeing”; “asleep in Jesus”. The author emphasises that God is in control and has a purpose in everything. He gently shows that it is our responsibility to submit and trust the Lord.

Pastor Cuyler writes in a warm conversational style as though he is sitting next to you. The book is full of quotable quotes that stick in the mind. For instance: “God’s people are never so exalted as when they are brought low.” and “God often strikes away our props to bring us down upon his mighty arms”. Some of the language and illustrations may seem a little quaint to modern ears but please do not let this put you off the wonderful pastoral teaching.

This is a gem of a book. It really does provide instruction, guidance and comfort in trials. It will help prepare us for the inevitable dark days of life and it would be a wise gift to a friend going through a valley of affliction.

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