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Rampant Bureaucracy – And Why?

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Date July 20, 2005

In an article in the Daily Telegraph (July 6 2004, p.18) some facts were given on the growth of bureaucracy in the UK today, including the following:

1. The Civil Service is now the size of Sheffield.
2. Whitehall bureaucracy costs every household £850.
5. Just one department – Work and Pensions – employs more people than there are soldiers in the British Army.
8. 88,000 extra people were employed in education last year; just 14,000 of these were teachers or teaching assistants.
9. The number of NHS managers is increasing three times as fast as that of new doctors and nurses.
14. There are more external targets on schools than there are days in the year.
15. 12 pages of paperwork land on each head teacher’s desk each day of the school year.
16. 15 new business regulations have been created every day since 1997.
17. A criminal’s arrest takes, on average, three and a half hours to process.

These selected quotes are all just small indications of the heavy burden of bureaucracy that is being increasingly imposed upon the nation. One might well ask why? One reason could be to deflect our attention away from legislation slipped in on the advice of unelected “government advisors”.

To anyone with any knowledge of our history, it is obvious that for more than a hundred years, and increasingly so since the 1960’s, the “British way of life” has been under incessant attack. We are “dying the death of a thousand cuts.” The process can be so slow that people do not realise what is happening. They complain bitterly about local councils and politicians being “inept” but do not realise that these problems are being manufactured at a high level, to ensure that we will never again achieve the eminence that we once had as a nation that was broadly beneficial to the people we ruled. Christianity reached people who would never have otherwise heard the gospel. When we withdrew from the colonies, many of the people we left behind could see that much blood would flow. It has flowed unceasingly since.

I am writing this on Polling Day, and do not know which party will “win”. What I do know is that it will not really matter which gains power. We will still have increasing restrictions, less spending power, law and order in continual chaos, more pensions will be stolen, etc., etc. Did you notice the avoidance of the EU in the election? All candidates of the three parties have been carefully selected to ensure that they will “toe the party line”. Anyone who becomes too outspoken is accused of “religious, racial or sexual incitement” in some way or another and severely disciplined.

In a speech to the House of Commons, in July 1846 Disraeli said that a network of secret societies covers the whole of Italy, France and a great portion of Germany – to say nothing of other countries. . . And what are their objects? They do not attempt to conceal them. They do not want constitutional government . . . They want to change the tenure of land, to drive out the present owners of the soil, and to put an end to ecclesiastical establishments. Some of them may go further.” We are now seeing the out-workings of those sinister, deep and long-laid plans.

So when you put your cross on the voting paper every five years, ponder for a while on just how much power the ordinary person actually has. We have been effectively disfranchised in all but name. The future is not bright, particularly for Christians, but I trust that you are rejoicing in the fact that you are His child for all eternity, that He is still in control of the affairs of the nations, and everything is going according to His divine plan.

Our Inheritance, Summer 2005, Editor Dr. Peter J. Gadsden. With permission.

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