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Retirement Of David Feddes From The Back To God Hour

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Date June 16, 2005

The Back to God Hour is our favourite Christian Radio broadcast. For half an hour each week a message in agreement with the standards of the Heidelberg Catechism is broadcast across America and in many other parts of the world. For many years its brilliant speaker was Peter Eldersveld, followed by Joel Nederhood who once spoke at the Leicester Banner of Truth Conference. Since 1990 David Feddes has been the preacher. Each month the messages are mailed out in booklets or sent on line. They are all preserved on the web site ( which is a useful resource. David Feddes has resigned from this work and will finish at the end of June, and we are sad to hear of his departure. Those elements of experiential Calvinism which suffuse his preaching have been particularly helpful. He has taken a sound position on women in office and feminism. He has opposed homosexual practice.

United Reformed minister, Doug Barnes said of David Feddes, “What truly will be missed is Rev. Feddes’ bully pulpit. He’s one of the few remaining prophets in Israel willing to stand on Carmel and challenge the prophets of Baal on their own turf. As such, he’s often been termed ‘a troubler of Israel.'”

Feddes is leaving to pursue Ph.D. studies and contributing in a more academic setting. He is going to miss the opportunity of proclaiming Christ to so many people in so many places. We will miss reading his weekly sermons which has become an enjoyable and profitable routine.

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