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Web Reviews of Banner Books 2010 No. 5

Category Book Reviews
Date June 4, 2010

‘Sometimes I stumble on a book that makes me see God more wondrously. Periodically, I will discover a book that will make me return again and again both to it and to that writer. Thomas Watson’s All Things for Good is just such a book.’ [Terry Enns]

Below are links to selected online reviews of Banner titles mostly posted during May 2010. The views expressed are of course those of the respective bloggers. For each title mentioned, a link is also provided to the appropriate page of the Banner online Bookstore, where orders can be placed.

While the Bridegroom Tarries
by R. B. Kuiper

Gary Brady (London) on his Heavenly Worldliness blog.

Pastoral Ministry
by Richard Baxter

Lewis Allen (London) on his Reclaimed blog.

All Things for Good
by Thomas Watson

Terry Enns (Granbury, Texas) on his Words of Grace blog.

Spurgeon: A New Biography
by Arnold Dallimore

Tim Challies (Toronto, Canada) at

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