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What They’re Saying About Banner Books (2015 No. 5)

Category Book Reviews
Date October 26, 2015

‘it is now possible for multitudes of individuals from all generations and from all over the world to reap the benefits and blessings of God’s gift to His church in the form of the life and ministry of one of His most able preachers.’ – Julian Bull on the Media Gratiae multimedia presentation Logic on Fire: The Life and Legacy of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

In the Notes below are links to selected online reviews of Banner titles, mostly posted July/September 2015. The views expressed are of course those of the respective bloggers/reviewers. For each title mentioned, a link is also provided to the appropriate page of the Trust’s online Bookstore, where orders can be placed.


Julian Bull (Perth, Western Australia) found the Media Gratiae DVD documentary Logic on Fire: The Life and Legacy of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones (promoted by the Trust) ‘edifying, challenging and informative’ in his review in New Life (October 1, 2015, page 9).

Several reviewers have commented on You Must Read: Books That Have Shaped Our Lives.

Terry Delaney (Mexico, Missouri) on his Christian Book Notes blog – ‘an indispensable guide to some of the truly great books that have transformed, encouraged, instructed, and challenged countless Christians’ lives’.

Ivan Mesa (Louisville, Kentucky) in ‘Books in Brief (Summer 2015)’ at The Gospel Coalition – ‘a Festschrift of sorts in honor of Iain Murray’.

Bob Thomas (Mitcham, Victoria, Australia) in New Life (July 15, 2015, page 13) – ‘will provide Christians with a springboard into a sound, helpful, uplifting list of books to read’.

And it’s so good they reviewed it twice! David Burke gives ‘additional insights’ in the August 15 issue (page 13) – ‘a tasty casserole of a book … The individual contributions not only introduce a treasured word from the past but are also often a significant contemporary word in themselves’.

Andrew J. Spencer (Wake Forest, North Carolina) on the Ethics & Culture website – ‘lively essays about the book, the author of the book, and why the book is so special in the life of the reviewer’.

Carl Trueman (Ambler, Pennsylvania) found the new reprint of John Macleod’s Scottish Theology in relation to Church History ‘a good read which gives an overall understanding of Scottish theology since the Reformation’ on his Postcards from Palookaville blog.

Jimmy Reagan (Leesville, South Carolina) on his The Reagan Review blog – ‘Murray … distills her life for the greatest spiritual effect … a fine volume on a fine lady’.

Guy Davies (westbury, Wiltshire) at his Exiled Preacher blog – ‘a fine story of faith and fortitude, well told by Murray’.

Terry Delaney, also on his Christian Book Notes blog, has finished a series of reviews on the six volumes of The Works of John Knox – ‘this republication in hardback is of monumental importance in the life of the Christian church, specifically in Scotland … these six volumes are a treasure trove for the Christian today’.

Ryan McGraw (Sunnyvale, California), in a review for New Horizons at the OPC website, says that Terry L. Johnson’s Catechizing Our Children: The Whys and Hows of Teaching the Shorter Catechism Today ‘shows us the blessing of catechizing in promoting a vibrant biblical faith’.

Bob Snyder (Fruitland, Idaho), on his Snyder’s Soapbox blog finds that the Pocket Puritan edition of Calvin’s Guide to Christian Living ‘lends itself to devotional reading’.

Finally, Bob Thomas again, in New Life (September 15, 2015, page 13), says that John Blanchard’s popular little paperback Right with God: A Straightforward Guide for Those Searching for a Personal Faith in God is ‘a challenging book, even confrontational at times, but throughout it, John Blanchard never swerves from his aim’.

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