Right with God

A Straighforward Guide For Those Searching For a Personal Faith in God

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Dec 1, 1971


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‘An evangelistic classic. It is meticulously biblical in both its arguments and its illustrations.’ — GRACE MAGAZINE

Book Description

This book is written for seekers – for people who want to give sensible and honest thought to the whole question of their relationship to God. It is not an examination of all the world’s religions which ends by saying, ‘Now choose the one you like best’. It is not a scientific text-book, which turns religion into equations and faith into a formula. It is not a vague and airy-fairy collection of various points of view.

It is a plain, straightforward book showing how a person who is honestly seeking for God can find him.

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Introduction 7
1. The Truth 9
The Bible is completely true 11
The Bible is constantly true 12
 2. The Problem 15
What is God? 16
What is man? 20
3. The Failure 30
Race – a failure 31
Ritual – a failure 33
Religion – a failure 35
Respectability – a failure 39
 4. The Answer 47
The Old Testament 49
The New Testament 57
 5. The Need 91
You must be born again 92
You must be converted 97
 6. The Way Ahead 116
It is a way of openness 117
It is a way of obedience 120
It is a way of opportunity 122




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