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The Sermons of Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically by Dr. John Snyder with bookcase in the background

The Sermons of Behold Your God

Rethinking God Biblically

by Media Gratiae

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Our culture noticeably fails to solve any issues. Why? Our world tries to navigate life with ignorance of the God who made us and this world. Rethinking God according to his word will restore us, our homes, our churches, and our nations.

image of Thoughts on Public Prayer by Samuel Miller
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Book Description Samuel Miller (1769–1850), was a faithful pastor, who became a founding father and a professor of Princeton Theological Seminary. He had a deep commitment to the church and an abiding interest in seeing ministers trained ably for her service — an interest which led to him writing this book. As Dr. Jonathan Master […]

image of the bunyan and watson set
price $78.30


Book Description This 10 Volume set includes the following titles by John Bunyan and Thomas Watson. Click on a title to learn more – but be sure to add the Puritan Paperbacks Set (Bunyan and Watson) to get the Christmas special. The Jerusalem Sinner Saved The Acceptable Sacrifice Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ The […]

image of the cristianismo auténtico set
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Book Description Este es el serie de tomos que recogen la predicación del Dr. Lloyd-Jones sobre Hechos de los Apóstoles.

image for Christmas Thoughts by Ryle
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Book Description Christmas, and New Year, are excellent moments to pause and reflect—as scattered families regather for the national holiday, and as the calendar turns over again, with another year gone forever. J. C. Ryle urges us—in the midst of our feasting and festivities and family reunions—to make time to consider our spiritual state and […]

image of the Works of William Bridge
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Book Description ‘Times of difficulty and of persecution have always been seasons in which God’s ministers shine with greatest lustre.’ These words from the memoir of Bridge contained in these collected Works of William Bridge serve to remind readers of the context in which William Bridge lived and worked. Born in Cambridgeshire around 1600, Bridge […]

image of the spanish edition of Masters of the English Reformation
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Book Description Este libro cuenta la historia de la Reforma inglesa. Penetra detrás de la fachada del cambio político y actas del Parlamento, y trae a la luz el movimiento interno del Espíritu de Dios en hombres de corazón humilde y fe heroica. Su autor cree que había una mano que guiaba el timón de […]

image of GATCE
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Book Description During his earthly life Jesus had many critics and enemies who sought to discredit him and sometimes trap him in his own words. They said, for example, that he had threatened to destroy the temple, that he was a blasphemer and that he acted in league with the devil. On one occasion some […]

image of refreshment for the soul by Sibbes

Refreshment for the Soul

A Year of Daily Readings from 'The Heavenly Doctor' Richard Sibbes

by David B. MacKinnon, Richard Sibbes

price $29.70


Book Description A pastor of forty years who has throughout his ministry found the Puritans to be a great source of spiritual encouragement, David MacKinnon presents here 366 extracts from the works of the Puritan pastor Richard Sibbes, which may be used each day of the year by readers as an aid to devotion. Each […]

image of the book Theodore Beza

Theodore Beza

The Counsellor of the French Reformation

by Henry Martyn Baird

price $25.20


Book Description Theodore Beza’s course of activity was, in the words of the author, ‘long and brilliant.’ He presided over the Reformed church in the French-speaking countries of Europe for many years, and was its recognized counsellor and leader in times of peril. His friendship with John Calvin, and also with the French king, Henry […]

image of sermons on job
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Endorsements ‘These sermons are timeless; they are more about God than they are about Job or his suffering.’ — DEREK THOMAS Book Description The name of John Calvin (1509-64) is justly renowned in a number of contexts. The Reformation’s greatest systematic theologian, he was also a Christian strategist and transformer of society, as his enormous […]

image of the Doctrine of Election by John Calvin
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Book Description Translated from the French by Robert White When Calvin says that he would not have spoken of election had Scripture not led the way, we need not doubt his word. If he defends the doctrine with vigour, it is because it runs as an unbroken thread through both Old and New Testaments. Like […]

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