Five Pioneer Missionaries

John Eliot, David Brainerd, Henry Martyn, William Chalmers Burns, John G. Paton

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18th Century, 19th Century, Missionary Biography, Missions

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There are few more thrilling periods of church history than the great missionary movement which stretched from the eighteenth into the nineteenth century. Recognizing that Jesus Christ was the missionary sent by the Father, and that the Bible is the Magna Carta of missions, men like Henry Martyn, John G. Paton, John Eliot, David Brainerd, and William Chalmers Burns left home, family, and love for the sake of Christ and to spread his good news. The narratives of their monumental labours and the sufferings and their strong longings to see Christ glorified in the salvation of the nations make awe-inspiring and God-honouring reading.

Five Pioneer Missionaries tells the story of each of these servants of God. In doing so it not only outlines some of the great biblical principles of missions, but also challenges Christians today to live lives completely dedicated to serving Jesus Christ wherever he calls us to go.

Walt Chantry on Five Pioneer Missionaries

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Preface to the 2024 edition vii
Editor’s Introduction xi
1 John Eliot (1604–90) by Neville B. Cryer 1
2 David Brainerd (1718–47) by John Thornbury 73
3 Henry Martyn (1781–1812) by Richard T. France 165
4 William Chalmers Burns (1800–68) by R. Strang Miller 247
5 John G. Paton (1824–1907) by John D. Legg 337

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  1. Brian Wilson

    This is one of the most helpful books I have read. The essays on the pioneer missionaries were apparently published as a result of a competition. The subjects (David Brainerd, William Chalmers Burns, John Eliot, Henry Martyn and John G. Paton) should be known by every Christian. Their devotion to Christ and their willingness to sacrifice so that His glory be known across the world must challenge even (perhaps especially) today. The biographical essays in this book are scholarly, well-researched and yet not mere academic treatises. The writers loved the Gospel – and found a way to convey the main points in their great subjects’ notable lives so that readers must be challenged about a world where still Jesus’ glory is not seen as it ought to be.

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