Elizabeth Prentiss

More Love to Thee

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19th Century, General Biography

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Jun 30, 2006

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‘I am grateful to Sharon James for sharing the story of this choice soul with us…a gripping, marvellous, and moving biography.’ — BARBARA HUGHES

Book Description

This is the first full-scale biography of Elizabeth Prentiss, since the Memoir written by her husband in 1882. Sharon James tells the story of a fascinating, gifted, and godly woman, who exercised a wide influence in America and beyond through her novels and other writings. Through various tragedies in her own life, Elizabeth came to the conviction that suffering is ‘Christ’s school’ whereby we learn more of the love of God. Her various writings vividly communicate the joy of surrendering every detail of life to God, and the liberation of fully embracing his sovereignty.

Sharon James effectively takes readers into Elizabeth’s world, offering insights into some of the realities of life for women in the nineteenth century. She also helpfully places Elizabeth in the context of her time. This was the century during which the ideal of ‘true womanhood’ was promoted- it was also the era when theology suffered a down-grade due to the so-called ‘sentimentalisation’ of culture.

This biography is not merely of historical interest. The longing of Elizabeth’s life was summed up in her best-known hymn: ‘More love, O Christ, to Thee’. Her story demonstrates that every Christian can grow in love to God- both through obedience in the duties of everyday life, and through the tragedies which most of us will, at some point, confront.


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Foreword by Barbara Hughes ix
Preface xiii
Biographical Table xvii
List of Illustrations xxi
1 Growing up in Maine, 1818-27 1
2 ‘Daily Nearer God’, 1828-40 13
3 Teaching in Richmond, 1840-3 27
4 Courtship and Marriage, 1843-5 41
5 ‘God Never Makes a Mistake’, 1846-52 59
6 ‘More Love to Thee’, 1852-8 77
7 Europe, 1858-60 97
8 The War Years, 1861-5 113
9 ‘Christ Is in My Soul, He Is Mine’, 1866-8 129
10 ‘Stepping Heavenward’, 1869 143
11 ‘I Have Lived, I Have Loved’, 1870-3 157
12 ‘Yearning for Home’, 1874-8 179
Epilogue 199
Conclusion 203
Endnotes 217
Suggestions for Further Reading 233
Select Bibliography 233
Index 237


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