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Book Cover For 'Discussions of R L Dabney'
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A supplement to the author’s 2-volume Discussions: Evangelical and Theological, this compilation includes Dabney’s treatment of various issues in society, together with some biographical sketches. 504pp.

Book Cover for 'A Day's March Nearer Home'

A Day’s March Nearer Home

Autobiography of J. Graham Miller

by J. Graham Miller

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The autobiography of a lawyer, missionary, preacher, author and intercessor, whose great aim was to point others to Jesus Christ. A day of national mourning was appointed in Vanuatu on his death in 2008. 352pp.

Book Cover For 'David'


Man of Prayer, Man of War

by Walter J. Chantry

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A fascinating study of ancient Israel’s greatest king. 304pp.

Book Cover For 'Concerning the True Care of Souls'
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Sets out, in a vivid and persuasive way, biblical principles for church life, ministry and discipline. First English translation by Peter Beale. 256pp.

Cover Image of Christ's Doctrine Of the Atonement
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In this invaluable study we find Smeaton’s sensitive theological acumen, his skill in judicious exposition, and his evident devotion to the person of Jesus Christ. Like its companion volume, The Apostles’ Doctrine of the Atonement, a work to be read and re-read. 520pp.

The Christian Ministry by Charles Bridges

The Christian Ministry

With an Inquiry into the Causes of its Inefficiency

by Charles Bridges

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Bridges sub-titled the study of the Christian Ministry, ‘An Inquiry into the Causes of its Inefficiency’, and, rightly used, it is well suited to promote a faithful and effective ministry. 400pp.

Cover Image of 'Calvin's Wisdom'

Calvin’s Wisdom

An Anthology Arranged Alphabetically

by J. Graham Miller

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An alphabetical anthology from the Reformer’s writings. 424pp.

Cover Image of 'Calvin And the Calvinists'

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Challenges the thesis that later Calvinism departed from the doctrines of John Calvin himself. 92pp.

Cover image for 'By Faith' Thomas Manton

By Faith

Sermons on Hebrews 11

by Thomas Manton

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These 65 sermons on Hebrews 11:1–31 illustrate the great theme of faith in action. 712pp.

Book Cover For 'Born of God'

Born of God

Sermons from John Chapter 1

by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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These 32 powerful sermons from John chapter 1 are part of the last great Lloyd-Jones Sunday-morning series at Westminster Chapel. Their central focus is the life that flows from the Lord Jesus Christ, received by faith, the life that characterizes those who are ‘born of God’. 488pp.

Book Cover For Biblical Doctrines
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Reveals Warfield’s mastery of such doctrines as the Trinity, the Person and Work of Christ, Redemption, and Faith. 680pp.

An A-Z of Christian Truth and Experience by J. Graham Miller
price $18.90


Sayings from the most influential thinkers and writers of all the Christian centuries. A store of priceless treasure. 144pp.

Showing 817–828 of 843 results