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Web Reviews of Banner Books 2010 No. 6

Category Book Reviews
Date July 2, 2010

‘The Banner of Truth has done the church a great service in reprinting this book. We will all do our own souls a great service if we buy it and read it thoughtfully.’ [Alan Hill on John Colquhoun’s Repentance at The Good Book Stall website]

Below are links to selected online reviews of Banner titles posted during June 2010. The views expressed are of course those of the respective bloggers. For each title mentioned, a link is also provided to the appropriate page of the Banner online Bookstore, where orders can be placed.

by John Colquhoun

Alan Hill (Montreux, Switzerland) at The Good Book Stall website.

The Forgotten Spurgeon
by Iain H. Murray

John Bird (Weatherford, Texas) on his While We Sojourn blog.

A Day’s March Nearer Home
by J. Graham Miller

Alan Hill (Montreux, Switzerland) at The Good Book Stall website.

The Ulster Awakening
by John Weir

Mostyn Roberts (Welwyn, Hertfordshire) on the Reformation and Revival Fellowship website.

The Life of Edward Irving: The Fore-runner of the Charismatic Movement
by Arnold Dallimore

Tim Challies (Toronto, Canada) at

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